A Morning with a Theatre Artist

Promise me! You will honor each second you spend with your whole heart!                                                                                                                                 -Tasneem Ammar Najmuddin-

It was not any less than a reverie to expect a theatre artist, actor and director ravishing the chocolaty brown stage of BHS.

‘Dreams come true’, a belief with which BHS opened the doors of opportunities for students to explore.

27th of February, a day that welcomed Sir Mehdi, a renowned theater performer who greeted students with strategies and techniques to rule the stage over and prepared students of grade VIII as they will embark on a greater mission to create history by performing Shakespearean theater live for the audience, in a 11/2 hour session that populated the idea of experiential learning.

His art of teaching was that of modeling, where he engaged students in interactive activities all converging in the establishment of,

  • Trust building
  • Valuing characters on stage/use of stage
  • Giving the lead the required limelight
  • Imitate your partner
  • Delivering dialogues with intonation (especially focusing on narration)

On explaining the difference between Shakespeare and Brecht Theater he clarified plethora of ambiguities that hovered over students mind, answering to one of the most asked question, ‘What happens if we forget our dialogues in the middle of the stage?’, to which Mr. Mehdi calmly explained over an activity, ’Take ownership, Give cues!’ Through his explicit understanding students understood that in life your size, color, age gap are mere things of no greater value, all that matters is to respect and trust.

The success of his session reflected in students wanting it more and more despite the session being stretched for half an hour than the designated time. The way of his conduct not only enthralled students but made them promise for complete dedication and devotion to the stage which will now become a big part of their lives.


Science Fair 2020-Bringing the Four Elements Together in the Light of Al-Quran

Badri High School was pleased to open its doors to welcome a massive crowd of 1600 inquisitive Science enthusiasts on 17th January 2020 for their eye opening Science Fair based on the theme of the Four Elements-Fire, Air, Water and Earth in the light of the miracles of Al-Quran’. Inaugurated by Janab Naeem Bhaisab the fair greeted over 1600 visitors in a short span of 4 hours that included high profile dignitaries such as Dr.Shakeel Farooqi; the Head of Genetics Department at the University of Karachi who could not but be mesmerized by the productive creativity of the fair.  

Challenging their own limits, BHS prides on the grand success of Science Fair 2020 as it involved all three sections of the school; Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary.

Engaging their spectators in admiration, young researchers of pre-primary section created spectrum of formalized hands on knowledge on various topics. From meteorologists to scientists, from recyclers to artists, from mechanical engineers to paleontologists, all through their effective communication skills in English won hearts of hundreds of avid learners.

The gist of the feedback received from onlookers was, ‘No matter how many questions of inquiry we post, these little champs flashed all answers confidently with complete scientific approach.’

The life-size creation of natural habitats for land and marine animals to explicitly picturesque the ecosystem was an impossible task made only possible by the absolute determination and relentless hard work of students of the primary section. The presence of real animals did not only seize to captivate adults’ attention but also anticipated young visitors who with their parents celebrated their morning with a fresh sight of Peacocks, Turkeys, Turtles, Cobras etc. in the Primary Fair display at the backyard.

‘We were totally awe-struck by the theme and display that created such a natural ambiance at the fair that it was hard for us to detach ourselves at the time of leave’, quoted throng of spectators while leaving the primary section at the fair.

In an effort to work on the four elements that the world is comprised of, the secondary section of BHS work unremittingly hard for weeks on the theme of Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

Four sections tented the significance of each element. With more than 34 projects on exhibit, this troop of young scientists, doctors, engineers, gamers, researchers, technologists, inventers and discoverers celebrated the journey of each element based on the scientific approach and aptitude.

Trotting forward was a fine display of Robotics, STEM, Lego and Science Kits section, where young, adults and grandparents thoroughly relished experiencing technology. ‘The moment of interaction with the full-sized robot will be cherished forever’, voiced audiences who cherished giving verbal commands to the robots.

Truly, the voyage of Science Fair 2020 was ravishing in terms of learning scientific aptitude, team building skills, social skills, developing creative instincts and polishing effective English communication skills, and all under the light of Al-Quran.



TDF Magnifiscience Comes to BHS

The TDF MagnifiScience Travels Programme brought their display of 15 mega projects for three consecutive days from 7th to 9th December, 2019 to promote tacit knowledge amongst learners and their parents at BHS premises. Not only were the mornings spent in learning but the exhibit was kept open for two evenings where mothers came with their young ones and learnt scientific concepts through games and activities.

Tactile learning and touch is essential for a child’s growth in physical abilities, cognitive and language skills, and even social and emotional development.

In contrast to explicit knowledge, which helps us ‘know what’, tacit knowledge can be understood as ‘know how’. Tacit knowledge is acquired by addressing real problems and practice, it relates to experience, ideals, intuition, values, creative thinking, skills and attitudes.

The institute of BHS reckons in creating an aura that invites experts providing a practical learning environment to prepare learners for their future, and an affiliation with TDF MagnifiScience Travels Programme is one such live example.

With the objective to encourage science literacy in society, The Dawood Foundation (TDF) organizes science exhibitions. The exhibition provides a learning space to explore the world of science through exhibits, experiments and expositions.

Their life-size display of 15 projects at BHS premises included:

  • Jenga
  • Soma Cube Puzzle
  • Earthquake Table
  • Musical Wall
  • Gravity Run
  • Newton’s Cradle
  • Face Swap
  • Tower of Lone
  • Train Table
  • Conecting Pathways
  • Scrabble
  • Shape Sorter
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Pest Wall
  • Building a Bridge

Badri High School strives hard to adopt the PBL (Project Based Learning) model to help create healthy relationships and interactions between teachers, students, parents and organizations by knitting them on the same page to refine our community’s strength.

Indeed, one more feather on BHS cap to execute a plan that can make its associates learn but with fun.



Art has always been the center of attention for a student- the merriment conquered by mere splashes of colors on a piece of paper while expressing fresh and contemporary ideas brings a great deal of satisfaction. It is through different vibrancies of colors that vast spectrum’s of knowledge seep hastily in a learner’s soul. 

BHS feels honored to execute such competitions where learners are given an open forum to express their creative side in a well-organized fashion.  On November 15, 2019, students gathered with their canvases and art supplies in the ground of the BHS premises to create a gallery of Maulana Ali A.S’s 30 pearls of wisdom given to Maulana Hasan A.S, taught to us by Maula Muffadal TUs during Ashara Mubaraka.

It was a delight to see students of all ages wearing emotions of excitement, thrill, anticipation to accumulate Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin’s TUS happiness. 

The tinge of blue, the taunt of yellow, the smooth rays of red, the beauty of green, the determination of orange, the cool of gold, and the strength of black reflected not only the artist’s creative side but also germinated their critical thinking analytical process. 

Learners were happy to use any medium of their choice to celebrate and express their thoughts through illustrations-Rebus. It bagged a sense of ownership and strengthened within them ability to communicate through lines, dimensions and colors.

The joyful ambiance without fail motivated their teachers too who alongside students minted their masterpieces. 

As Thomas Horton quotes; ‘Art enables us to find our own self’-Truly it does.



Flying High; Reaching for the Skies

PAF museum symbolizes nothing but the element of grace, dignity and the charm of patriotic sentiments. It stands strong and robust as an example of the Pakistan Air Force’s relentless and valiant efforts to safeguard each individual of Pakistan.

To acknowledge and pay tribute to our heroes’ grits and sacrifices, students of grade 7 were taken for a field trip to the PAF museum on 18th of November, 2019.

The clear blue sky streaked with the white of peace ignited students with passion and energy.  The history of each fighter plane completely inspired the students as they were left in admiration knowing that the briefing for each aircraft was given by the retired air force pilot himself, Shk.Abbas bhai Mohsin Petiwala—a source of pride for our community.

Shk. Abbas bhai Petiwala is a star pilot who has served in the Air Force for more than 33 years, holding badges like Sitara-e-Jurrat and Sitara-e-Imtiaz which made students appreciate the fruits of education. Shk. Abbas eloquently orated his experience of flying different fighter planes, not missing out on any detail. The way he communicated brought life to each exhibited plane and the students’ anticipation rose to the level where they bombarded Shk. Abbas bhai with questions.

Sharing one of his experiences he remembered crashing a plane risking his and his fellow partner’s life for the sake of their country. This spirit of patriotism motivated students to the level that they pledged to serve their nation by any possible means.

Marching further, students glanced at the mannequin of the captured Indian pilot Abhinandan. They were enthralled knowing how spirited our national heroes were at the Pulwama attack.

Later, students were rewarded with a canteen treat and a gala time at the end of their trip as they maintained immaculate discipline and showcased optimistic demeanor.
Whats-App-Image-2019-11-20- at-11-15-23-AM



Spelling it Right at the Bee

BHS stresses on the idea that ‘Leaders are Readers’.  Reading involves plethora of skills out of which knowing spellings tops the list.  Spelling and reading skills are closely related and help develop overall literacy.

Learning spellings via reading serves to encourage learners to adapt the major principles and patterns of English, expand their vocabulary and their pronunciation.

The National Spelling Bee organized by Dawn in Education provides students with the right exposure where they can practice their spellings. It is imperative that students prepare themselves by familiarizing themselves with the correct pronunciation of the words, pay attention to pronunciation guides in dictionaries and practice saying words correctly by saying the words aloud and recognizing the number of syllables.

Preparing for a Spelling Bee means becoming acquainted with hundreds of words, remembering their spelling and meanings — so much so that when a word is pronounced the speller is able to visualize it.

After tough training sessions for weeks, our 6 young participants belonging to 2 pools-Pool A of age group 12-14 (Al Aqmar Yousuf, Husaina Tahir and Maria Mushtaq)and Pool B of age group 15-17 were ready on the 1st of November 2019 to face the music at the Arts Council.

It is but natural to be nervous and excited on the day of the contest. There is the dual pressure of stage fright along with the stress of remembering a myriad of spellings. But it was a sight to see young spellers from BHS ruling the stage on the singular component of their hard work.

It helped pool B not only qualify first round, but they cleared the double sting second round as well entering into the eliminations where unfortunately, we got knocked out.

Winning and losing is a part of an active journey only trodden by the brave. The spirit of the Bee at the end of the day is to do our best. It is indeed a matter of great pride to be able to represent one’s school at a National Contest.


World Food Day 2019-Teaching Empathy

Islam has always placed great emphasis on the importance of food and feeding the hungry. Food is considered a bounty of the Almighty and as such, wastage is not condoned in any form.

Under the guidance of His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS, the Dawoodi Bohra community has always taken the matter of food security and food wastage very seriously.

Addressing the global issues of food security and food wastage, World Food Day is celebrated each year on the 16th of October. Its aim is to promote worldwide awareness and action for those who suffer from hunger and to ensure food security and nutritious diets for all, striving to achieve ‘Zero Hunger’.


It is a threatening fact that around 815 million people of the 7.6 billion people in the world stay hungry almost every day, and that is why the Zero Hunger Challenge was launched by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in 2012.

On 16th of October 2019, students were pumped up with the idea of having a ‘Safra Party’ at the premises where they were asked to bring extra lunch to share it with their peers in the break time. By this little act of kindness students treasured values on how to care, share and bring smiles on a multitude of faces while we feed them.

The following week paved its way further towards the enthralling poster making activity for the ‘Wall of Empathy’. The wall was embellished with creative ideas and slogans that invigorated within each soul determination and the will to conquer the battle of food inaccessibility.

Extending our activities further on Friday, October the 25th 2019, students in a well-disciplined fashion trotted to the hifz room where they were greeted by Miss Zainab Hasnain, a nutritional technologist who educated students on the habits of healthy eating.

Following next, students met a motivational social worker, Mr.Adnan Siraj, who mesmerized them by his wisdom of speech and action contributing to this noble cause of eradicating hunger and starvation from earth’s platform by being a part of the Robin Hood Army. He is an active member of an army of robins who have served and influenced more than 300,000 lives nationwide, by serving food to 1.5 million people.

Mr. Siraj was also accompanied by Ms. Arwa, who is an active Robin herself and an ex-student of BHS. Seeing her noble example the students were motivated further to play their part in eliminating hunger.

BHS has set up a Food Bank and students from the elder grades will accompany Mr. Adnan Siraj from the Robin Hood army on a Sunday to distribute non-perishable food items in the underprivileged slum areas.

October at BHS echoed with vociferations of triumph as the whole school was engrossed to carry out the mission of promoting ‘Zero Hunger’ to attain Maula’s TUS blessings.

We are truly blessed to have the soothing shade of Dr. Syedna Mohammad Burhannudin and Dr. Syedna Muffadal Saifuddin that has provided Mumineen around the world with food to eat through Faiz ul Mawaid ul Burhaniyah (FMB).



Teachers are a child’s ultimate source of inspiration. As well quoted by Albert Einstein; ‘It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.’

And what better time to celebrate the significance of a teacher than October when Teacher’s Day is celebrated.

Two of Badri High School’s diligent and determined teachers were nominated for the ‘BEST TEACHER’ award organized by Pakistan’s well known institute of IECED at the Arts Council, on Friday 4th October 2019.

The first to be acknowledged from BHS was Tasneem ben Sabunwala, who is in charge of the thriving Hifz department and has served the institute for more than 35 years with dedication and zeal.

The second teacher is Ms. Zainab Mohammad, a highly dedicated and determined teacher, teaching English in grades 9 and 10. She is the Head Lead of BIRD that organizes trainings of teachers within the institute as well as across Pakistan.

Witnessing our teachers climb up the stage with humility to collect their reward given by Sir Abbas Hussain and Senator Taj Mohammad along with other glitterati of the academic field was a delight as they stood amongst a wide spectrum of teachers across Sindh.


Future Engineers Inspire at Edvon Robotics Contest

The Robotics and LFR contest organized by Edvon at the Expo Centre filled 45 daring young engineers of BHS from Classes 8, 9 and 10 with energy that was electrifying.

Poised to prove themselves they pledged to prepare under the tutelage of their Science and Computer teachers for this upcoming competition held at the EXPO CENTRE on 18th and 19th September 2019.


Before the contest itself the students attended a 3 day- workshop on how to program the LFR (Line Following Robot), and were constantly trained by Sir Ibrahim, Sir Amjad and Ms. Rashida. The much anticipated engineers quickly grasped on to the skills and programming of how to code the bot so that it follows the black line on any given arena.


Out of 100 teams nation-wide from top notch schools at the completion, 12 teams of 45 participants represented BHS and were appreciated for the discipline they maintained, the manner they projected, and the collaborated team work they produced at the competition. Their pious execution, elementary coherent understanding of the programming of LFR and ethics were highly cherished by the organisers.


End result on 18th of September for 2 initial rounds announced the victory of 8 teams of BHS amongst the other 32 top teams.  Their effortless performance allowed them to qualify for the second day’s session and 3 teams of BHS made it to finals and tried their best to accomplish the task given to them. Finally, they stood among the top five position holders.


This truly embarked upon a new chivalrous journey for our young participants as it packaged plethora of intrinsic and extrinsic learning of dealing and programming not only bots but their emotional intelligence brewed under such pressure.


The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give.’ -Howard Cosell.



The Human Voice: Empowering Youth and Embracing Change.

The atmosphere on 9th of August 2019 was laced with power, passion and vibrant energy that fruitfully provoked each individual with an idea. An idea of a ‘society’ where one can have the right to feel free and express with exponentials.

For how can a society be fair, until everyone has equal ability to articulate and express themselves?

Slamming the traditional mindsets to triumph freedom of speech, BHS reckons that it’s highly essential that despite of teaching students to shut up and sit down, we believe in making students stand up and speak out.

The practical understanding of it is vivid in the poetry elocution that serves as a trademark of BHS as it is rich in compassion, flair, elegance, dignity, confidence, passion and dedication. It helps Badrians master the art of oral communication, which aids in improving the quality of individuals’ life, as words have the energy and the power to help, to heal, and to be humble.

As known by all; the Human Voice is the instrument that we all have. It creates the most powerful sound in the world, probably the only one that can either start a WAR or say I LOVE YOU at the same time.

To provide students with the platform of understanding the power of human voice in terms of approach, attitude and practice, it was mandatory for the management to plan yet another spectacular Bilingual Elocution at BHS.

Elocution is defined as a skill of clear and expressive speech, especially of distinct pronunciation and articulation.

Ringing the bell weeks earlier before the finale, the air at BHS hummed with excitement as each child out of 24 participants, from grade 7 and 8, after qualifying their auditions in their respective classes were all set to raise the stakes high to secure positions at their Bilingual Elocution Competition.

The tinge in their manners, the rhythm of their dedication, their cyclonic confidence all geared up to serve for the better purpose. The purpose to educate, to acknowledge, and to involve the BHS society, by presenting a vision of our mighty existence by delivering different poets.

The pulpit, standing mike, and picturesque stage stood bright canvasing beautiful weather that gleefully welcomed speakers who orated the cries of Blake, ranted the anguish of prenominal Iqbal, chanted the delight of Mir Taqi Mir, and intoned the voice of Maya Angelou and many more to reinvigorate the richness of responsibility in each learner, who were listening to their calls with utmost serenity.

Plugging in more, the unwavering communication of our young orators never missed to mesmerize our esteemed internal judges Miss Nafisa Shk. Esaaji and Miss Arwa who wore their ardent smile throughout the show and beaded words of appreciation later for our now professional speakers who are well-prepared to conquer any stage with elegance, obligation and commitment as they have truly understood the language of diction, imagery, figures of speech, symbolism, syntax, sound, rhythm, structure, and delivery.

Thus, it was a perfectly pitched hour program, that helped each individual clear mental clogs, slurred speech and indolent speaking, making each more compelling, more convincing and more credible.

This blog is to congratulate all the participants and winners in specific as it is rightly said, ‘If Your Actions Inspire Others To Dream More, Learn More, Do More and Become More, You Are a Leader’.
The participants not only delivered but successfully created. They created leaders out of themselves and others from their audiences. As true form of 21st century teaching is based on the principal fact of students bringing the best in their peers. Yet, elocution 2019 proved to root deeper understanding of authentic wisdom where students learnt to bring forth and rekindle the best in their fellow students.
The management team of BHS, would like to take this moment to congratulate our participants and their parents for working side-by-side with BHS to extract the relative best form of an individual.

Following are the positions secured by young orators:

Winners from grade 7:
English Orators:

Position Student Poem
First Mustafa Murtaza I saw my teacher on a Saturday
Second Fatema Adnan A friend from above
Third Sakina Yousuf The Vetro’s ghost

Urdu Orators:

Position Student
First Shireen Hakimuddin
Second Shabbir Ghulam
Third Murtaza Hussain

Winners from grade 8:
English Orators:

Position Student Poem
First Abde Ali Murtaza Echoing Green
Second Mudreka Zoeb Stopping by woods
Second Ammar Munawar Revelation
Third Sakina Zohair Still I Rise

Urdu Orators:

Position Student
First Hussain Shabbir
Second Rashida Tahir
Third Fatema Ali



Orientation 2019-20-“A Special Sweetness in Creation”

When it comes to celebration, there are no two thoughts that we crave for our favorite sweet, candies or chocolates to tantalize our taste buds and entice our imagination with harmonious symphonies of effective approaches. This has proved to be ideal for communicating well with our cognitive skills and in turn, helps us control taxing conditions.

Adhering to the fact, on Saturday, 13th of July  2019, the morning sun was charmed to see our partners in progress-the parents-buzzing up the three floors of BHS of pre-primary, primary and secondary sections to meet the respective class teachers of their children for the first orientation meet of the Academic year 2019-20. They sat to discuss the dogmas and policies of the new year that promised nothing but astoundingly creative endeavors for the learners in multiple project-based implementations.

Screening an orientation at the beginning of the year rejuvenated parents with hope towards an enlightened future and allowed them to survey and experience the working of the school’s systems.

‘There is great sweetness in participating in creation.’ Hallmarking the literal saying of the above quote, BHS successfully pitched parents with the idea of knitting together with commitment of understanding, respect and hard-work through sweet participation throughout the year as it will aid to create a better life for our children—whose progress is our ultimate goal.

Complementing our theme, each classroom capsuled parents with sweet diagnostics of the curriculum to be followed, leading them to envision their child’s bright sugary future. Interactive sessions in each class with a specific objective for each activity helped parents comprehend the scheme better.

During the orientation the class teachers addressed the parents and even answered individual queries and took in suggestions and concerns. It was an opportunity for the parent and teacher to meet one-on-one and discuss the most pertinent issue before them—that of their children’s personal and academic progress.

Pinning further, inquisitive eyes gazed in admiration as the aisles of the three floors showcased the practical demonstrations of Butterfly Edufields Science Kits, STEM education and tablets showcasing Literacy Planet. Witnessing it in action mesmerized parents to a point that they realized that it has become a signature trademark of BHS to produce exciting, challenging and practical stimulated programs to revolutionize 21st century style teaching methodologies.

As at BHS, we reckon that it takes plethora of little efforts to extract the sweetness within each child in a way that he could reflect it back to the community.

Beating the heat with fresh, chilled lemonade and with a secured promise of growth, BHS would like to offer their earnest gratitude towards parents who tuned in for the meet.

As at the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive and sweet involvement of parents.


All Set for Literacy Planet!

What better idea than fashioning a PLANET for learners that is fused with technology, core competencies of the English Language and creativity at the same time.

Badri High School feels proud to become the pioneers of launching Literacy Planet in Pakistan for the first time ever. 
Helping learners develop
Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Analytical Thinking through Computer Assisted Language based Learning (CALL) is a mega-project that has been accomplished in the Academic year 2019-2020 by the blessings and benedictions of His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS.

After constantly striving hard for months, BHS inaugurated its first live class in literacy planet that is equipped with high-tech tablets in a well-designed Digital room which facilitate to a pair of students.

The program is an Australia-based, comprehensive and engaging online program to develop English literacy skills which the BHS team discovered at GESS Dubai two years ago. Discussions ensued and finally things were finalized to launch it in the year 2019-20.

Literacy Planet comes equipped with a benefit of thousands of comprehensive and grammatical exercises/games for learners to take advantage from. The environment of the application is highly engaging as it is illustrated and colourful. The exercises provided by the application are curriculum aligned (exclusive of Pakistan National Curriculum) and are suitable for learners of all abilities and intelligences (ref. to Howard Gardner`s theory of Multiple Intelligences).

Amidst the excitement, it was an eye freshener to see the high-maintenance of discipline amongst the students while working in the Digital room, the development of ownership skills, the level of their confidence, the involvement to score better in four skills of language learning in order to win the credits, assimilated in promoting 21st century learning that is solely focused on active teaching approaches.


For it is in Giving that we Receive!

In a world where complaints, grudges and animosity strikes faster than lightning itself; we at Badri High School ticked off the ice breaking activities of the year with the understanding of ‘Power of Appreciation’.

William James, well-known psychologist and philosopher, said, ‘The deepest principle of human nature is a craving to be appreciated.’  If we are honest with ourselves, we all want and need to feel valued for who we are and recognized for our contributions and accomplishments. It’s important for us to know that we have made a difference in someone’s life.

It helps people effectively deal with adversity and stay positive in the midst of change and challenges. When you genuinely appreciate someone, you make him believe in his potential and help him perform at his best.

Adhering with this strategy, students of grade 8 were asked to inaugurate their Academic year with the idea behind the power of appreciation.

Plethora of ideas bubbled amidst students as they started appreciating their peers. The glint in the eyes, the fresh smiles, and their body language foreshowed nothing but a true positive environment where learners acknowledged the idea of giving.

Taking a step further, Shel Silverstein’s “Giving Tree” was read in the class that converged learners’ attention to the point of giving cost-free gifts. The concept was to treat the class with one cost-free gift. Values such as respect, love, discipline, commitments, and peace sprouted high leaving each student in awe.

Taking it a step further, students designed a ‘Thank Card’ with a quote and their love for their teachers of the Secondary Section to salute and honour their dedication and hard work.

Hearing teachers say, ‘You made my day dear! Thank you’ boosted students’ confidence and the level of their ecstasy as they understood ‘For it is in Giving that we Receive!’


The Year Begins with the Cry of ‘Ya Husain’

If thou seek to see the angels glee

Hum Hussain, Hussain, and in humility beseech

With each soul of BHS that with reverence speak

Labaik Ya Hussain in teary screech

To please our Dai Mufaddal Saifuddin


The forthright Monday morning sun of July 1st, 2019 actively participated to cherish the courtyard of BHS as it glinted colours of trust, just, patience and victory under the sky that was perfectly bleached white radiating its popular golden streaks to welcome BHS’ young army squad. The students of the Primary and Secondary section, all charged up with enthusiasm, tailored with discipline and ignited with hope, marched up chivalrously to salute the beginning of the Academic year 2019-2020.

With a sole aim of promoting practical education; be it in a form of project-based learning, problem-based learning, Robotics, Literacy Planet and more, BHS has always strived hard to promote holistic learning through practical approaches. And what better than the Ohbatat Majlis of Imam Husain AS itself that nests the heart with love and roots the soul with compassion and communication with the divine. After all, the Zikr of Imam Husain AS is the essence of all knowledge.

The Zikar, Matam and the recitation of Maula Abbas AS and Aqa Hussain’s AS shahadat reached the skies and our renowned guest of honor, Shk. Khuzaimabhai Rangwala, was highly pleased to see our hearty squad at BHS lamenting over Aqa Hussain AS with such intensity. The rhythmic chants of Hussain! Hussain! Hussain! roared with such vigor that it fruitfully enlightened each  culpable  soul.

In his address, Sh Khuzaima bhai’s wise proclamation commonly spoke of how to amalgamate the knowledge of deen and dunya, carefully instilling within us the objectives of our living and learning.

Further, the students dressed into the spirit of zeal and enthusiasm to cherish the high achievers of the previous Academic Year 2018-2019; the 3 toppers and 12 participants of  ICATS Linguistics and 3 toppers and 19 participants of ICATS Mathematics competition with Sakina M. Yosuf being the National topper securing 92% nationwide for her ICATS linguistics.

Congratulations to all the students for their praiseworthy performances!

Embellishing the event BHS proudly launched “SMALL HANDS” a book of short stories written by our passionate young authors of last year’s Grade 5. Their enthusiastic and versatile write-ups successfully captivated the interests of their readers across the school. What a milestone to be published authors at such a young age! This achievement will be with them like a shining lamp for a lifetime.

Delightedly, Badri High School’s first day was filled with fervor and excitement experienced amidst delighted shrieks and cheers. There was laughter and there was a lot of learning that promised us with an awe-inspiring year 2019-20 ahead.

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