Sports Teacher Wins at the National Level

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Students learn more from what you are than what you teach.  As a teacher, it is our prime responsibility to reflect by action.

The teachers of Badri High School have always proved to be role models for their pupils, whether it is a Declamation Contest, a Robotics Competition or a Mathematics Challenge. Even in Sports, teachers of BHS have excelled at the National Level.

Ms. Mehwish, the sports instructor at BHS, has been lauded with a lot of appreciation due to her victory in the KCFL (Karachi Cage Fighting League), which is a Mixed Martial Arts National Championship. She represented Karachi in the Championship.

The fight took place in an Octagonal Cage which is installed specially for Cage fights. Both the fighters tried to knock each other down. Ms. Mehwish Sardar was able to overpower her opponent. The Pakistan Mixed Martial Arts Association awarded her a gold medal and the belt of honour which she proudly held in the morning assembly on Friday, the 5th of April`2019.

MMA is the abbreviated form of Mixed Martial Arts. It is a full contact-combat sport which uses techniques from various combat sports and martial arts. While sharing her victory with her students at BHS, Ms. Mehwish emphasized on the significance of Martial Arts as it teaches us a lot of things. She said, “Martial Arts not only teach you discipline, but in times of distress it helps you to be patient and grateful. Perseverance is the prime character trait of a fighter.”

Students aspire to be like their teachers. To all those students, Ms.Mehwish suggested, “You just have to be clear about your goal. Then, nothing can block your vision. Keep your eyes on the trophy. Whoever sweats more in practice, bleeds lesser in battle.”

Ms. Mehwish Sardar is an example of strength and a source of inspiration for the girls specially. She proved that being a female is not her weakness but her strength. She also showed us that a female can knock down an opponent in a cage fight as easily as she prepares food for the loved ones.

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