Water The Plant

Children in grades 1-4 flourish in a hands-on learning environment that taps into their inherent curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. They learn to think large, synthesise and test ideas, and celebrate the learning process as empowered problem solvers and collaborators. Academics are blended with experience, creative arts and character-based leadership.

The day starts with an exciting morning assembly with physical and mind exercises and recitation of Quran e Majeed, Marasi and Duas by these young children. The school’s brass band adds to the energy of each morning and gears the students for a wonderful beginning to their day. The focus through these grades is on the quintessential skill of reading in Arabic, Lisan u Dawat, English and Urdu. Regular reading programs in liaison with the library help inculcate a love for the languages through the Rupaiya program and the Colourful Reading Chain. The vibrant classrooms promote learning through the environment via dictation walls and projects.

At this tender age class prefects are given responsibilities to help teachers maintain discipline and aid their peers. Project Based Learning ensures that these young scholars are engaged and learn foundation concepts in a fun and clear way.

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