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Pre Primary

Growth of Seeds

We offer our students a safe environment which is conducive to the development of their emerging abilities. Our teachers are experienced and qualified in early childhood education and follow developmentally appropriate best practices. The curriculum is based on our cultural and traditional values so that holistic development takes place and our children are able to keep up with the advancements of their time while remaining firm in their beliefs.

The daily routine is an important aspect of the pre-primary classroom. Routine provides children with a sense of security which is important for their optimal growth. The following activities are part of the child’s daily or weekly routine in the Pre-primary:

Morning Assembly

Children look forward to the morning assembly every morning. It is highly interactive, beginning with exercises and Dua. Tongue twisters, crazy claps, riddles, brain gym, birthday celebrations and presentations are a regular feature of the morning assembly.


Writing is an important skill which develops gradually. The child is given ample opportunities to work with pre-writing activities in which his fine motor skills are strengthened. Creative writing abilities are also being honed simultaneously.


STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. The activities progress from simple to complex. The younger kids may be working on simple patterns while the older kids may learn about coding and decoding.

Circle Time

This is the time to narrate experiences, share opinions, tell stories and sing poems. The previous day’s work is also reinforced.


Children indulge in free and guided play which includes races. exercises, slide area and outdoor games. They also have sand and water play.


Art is an integral part of the curriculum and a progressive path is followed in the fundamentals of art education.

Events and Activities

Throughout the year, various events take place such as Sports day, Reading week, A day with Grandparents/Ammi/Abba, Winter Celebration, field trips, Milad Celebration, Playgroup Annual Day and many more.


Learning to read is a magical process that continues to amaze at the vast capability of a 3-5-year-old to make sense of squiggles and string them together to make meaningful words and sentences. For our children, the reading process is not linear; rather it is an intricate mesh of overlapping skills.

Parent Education Sessions

From 10 weeks long ESL classes for mothers to standalone sessions with experts, we arrange regular sessions for our parents that cater to increase their awareness and answer their queries related to parenting and early childhood.


Urdu is our national language and has a rich heritage of literature. Exposure to Urdu through rhymes and stories begins early while guided reading and writing practice starts in Seniors.


Indoor and outdoor games allow children to work as a team, plan and execute their plans. It also teaches them how to win with kindness and accept losing with grace.


Children follow the plan-do-review method during free-play. Children strengthen and build upon known concepts. They learn to communicate, collaborate and solve problems.

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