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The Human Voice: Empowering Youth and Embracing Change.

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The atmosphere on 9th of August 2019 was laced with power, passion and vibrant energy that fruitfully provoked each individual with an idea. An idea of a ‘society’ where one can have the right to feel free and express with exponentials.

For how can a society be fair, until everyone has equal ability to articulate and express themselves?

Slamming the traditional mindsets to triumph freedom of speech, BHS reckons that it’s highly essential that despite of teaching students to shut up and sit down, we believe in making students stand up and speak out.

The practical understanding of it is vivid in the poetry elocution that serves as a trademark of BHS as it is rich in compassion, flair, elegance, dignity, confidence, passion and dedication. It helps Badrians master the art of oral communication, which aids in improving the quality of individuals’ life, as words have the energy and the power to help, to heal, and to be humble.

As known by all; the Human Voice is the instrument that we all have. It creates the most powerful sound in the world, probably the only one that can either start a WAR or say I LOVE YOU at the same time.

To provide students with the platform of understanding the power of human voice in terms of approach, attitude and practice, it was mandatory for the management to plan yet another spectacular Bilingual Elocution at BHS.

Elocution is defined as a skill of clear and expressive speech, especially of distinct pronunciation and articulation.

Ringing the bell weeks earlier before the finale, the air at BHS hummed with excitement as each child out of 24 participants, from grade 7 and 8, after qualifying their auditions in their respective classes were all set to raise the stakes high to secure positions at their Bilingual Elocution Competition.

The tinge in their manners, the rhythm of their dedication, their cyclonic confidence all geared up to serve for the better purpose. The purpose to educate, to acknowledge, and to involve the BHS society, by presenting a vision of our mighty existence by delivering different poets.

The pulpit, standing mike, and picturesque stage stood bright canvasing beautiful weather that gleefully welcomed speakers who orated the cries of Blake, ranted the anguish of prenominal Iqbal, chanted the delight of Mir Taqi Mir, and intoned the voice of Maya Angelou and many more to reinvigorate the richness of responsibility in each learner, who were listening to their calls with utmost serenity.

Plugging in more, the unwavering communication of our young orators never missed to mesmerize our esteemed internal judges Miss Nafisa Shk. Esaaji and Miss Arwa who wore their ardent smile throughout the show and beaded words of appreciation later for our now professional speakers who are well-prepared to conquer any stage with elegance, obligation and commitment as they have truly understood the language of diction, imagery, figures of speech, symbolism, syntax, sound, rhythm, structure, and delivery.

Thus, it was a perfectly pitched hour program, that helped each individual clear mental clogs, slurred speech and indolent speaking, making each more compelling, more convincing and more credible.

This blog is to congratulate all the participants and winners in specific as it is rightly said, ‘If Your Actions Inspire Others To Dream More, Learn More, Do More and Become More, You Are a Leader’.
The participants not only delivered but successfully created. They created leaders out of themselves and others from their audiences. As true form of 21st century teaching is based on the principal fact of students bringing the best in their peers. Yet, elocution 2019 proved to root deeper understanding of authentic wisdom where students learnt to bring forth and rekindle the best in their fellow students.
The management team of BHS, would like to take this moment to congratulate our participants and their parents for working side-by-side with BHS to extract the relative best form of an individual.

Following are the positions secured by young orators:

Winners from grade 7:
English Orators:

Position Student Poem
First Mustafa Murtaza I saw my teacher on a Saturday
Second Fatema Adnan A friend from above
Third Sakina Yousuf The Vetro’s ghost

Urdu Orators:

Position Student
First Shireen Hakimuddin
Second Shabbir Ghulam
Third Murtaza Hussain

Winners from grade 8:
English Orators:

Position Student Poem
First Abde Ali Murtaza Echoing Green
Second Mudreka Zoeb Stopping by woods
Second Ammar Munawar Revelation
Third Sakina Zohair Still I Rise

Urdu Orators:

Position Student
First Hussain Shabbir
Second Rashida Tahir
Third Fatema Ali


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