Code Quest, the collaboration between Badri High School and TechnoKnowledge

ūü§Ě Teamwork at its Best! ūü§Ě
At Code Quest, the collaboration between Badri High School and TechnoKnowledge teams was phenomenal. Together, we guided students through an unforgettable journey of coding, problem-solving, and teamwork. Looking f orward to hosting more events like this!


The Last Day of School

The bond between students and teachers is a special one, built on trust, respect, and shared experiences. On the last day of school, as students and teachers gather for a party, the atmosphere is filled with:

– Joyful laughter and reminiscing about fond memories
– Gratitude and appreciation for the support and guidance provided
– Hugs and warm farewells, with promises to stay in touch
– Students showering teachers with small gifts and heartfelt notes
– Teachers beaming with pride, seeing their students grow and flourish
– A sense of accomplishment and celebration, marking the end of a successful year
– The knowledge that the bond they share will last a lifetime

As they celebrate and say their goodbyes, the students and teachers alike know that the connection they share will remain strong, even as they move on to new adventures.


The Happiest School of Pakistan!!!

The best schools produce happy children. That’s our formula for successful learning and teaching.


CodeQuest Competition: Celebrating Coding Excellence*

T he CodeQuest competition is a premier platform for students to showcase their coding prowess and problem-solving abilities. Participants are given challenging coding tasks to tackle within a specified time frame, testing their skills in various programming languages and algorithms. It’s not just about writing code; it’s about creativity, efficiency, and logical thinking.

This competition fosters a spirit of camaraderie and learning among participants, pushing them to strive for excellence in the field of computer science.


– *Grade 4:*
– 1st Position: Ruqaiya Mohammad, Maria Mufaddal, Farida Ammar (Cash Prize Rs 10,000)
– 2nd Position: Sakina Murtaza, Ahmed Mustafa, Insiya Hussain (Cash Prize Rs 5,000)
– 3rd Position: Burhanuddin M. Hatim, Fatema Fakhruddin, Zainab Huzaifa (Certificate)
– *Grade 5:*
– 1st Position: Jumana Murtaza, Fatema Hashim, Ummehani Abbas (Cash Prize Rs 10,000)
– 2nd Position: Munira Shamoon, Batool Aamir, Batool Hussain(Cash Prize Rs 5,000)
– 3rd Position:Insiya Shabbir, Zahra Hashim, Ruqaiya Huzefa (Certificate)
– *Grade 6:*
– 1st Position: Hassan Hussain, Hakimuddin Saleem, Burhanuddin Saifuddin (Cash Prize Rs 10,000)
– 2nd Position: Taha Shabbir, Murtaza Hussain, Burhanuddin AbdulQadir (Cash Prize Rs 5,000)
– 3rd Position: Zainab Shabbir, Ajab Ali Asghar, Zainab Yousuf, Batool Hussain (Certificate)
– *Grade 7:*
– 1st Position: Jamila Ammar, Munira Yousuf (Cash Prize Rs 10,000)
– 2nd Position: Sarah Mustafa, Yaquta Shabbir, Tasneem Mansoor (Cash Prize Rs 5,000)
– 3rd Position: Naqiya Nouman, Hussaina Yousuf, Tasneem Burhan (Certificate)
– *Grade 8:*
– 1st Position: Fatema Zakir, Insiya Mushtaq, Insia Mohammad (Cash Prize Rs 10,000)
– 2nd Position: Insiya Aamir, Mariam Hakimuddin, Munira Juzer (Cash Prize Rs 5,000)
– 3rd Position: Haider Yousuf, Hassan Inayat, Ammar Hussain (Certificate)

Congratulations to the brilliant minds who clinched the top three positions in the CodeQuest competition! Your exceptional coding skills have truly set you apart. Keep pushing the boundaries of innovation.


The students of Badri High School recited Surah e Yaseen after Fajar namaz on Akhri Jumua at Husami Masjid, Al Mohalatul Burhaniyah, Karachi.


*Learning Scoop Early Childhood Education Study tour held in Tampere, Finland*

Finland is the happiest country in the world. It is also at number 1 in overall education system in the world.
To learn why, *Badri High School* sent two teachers to Finland to attend the *Learning Scoop Early Childhood Education Study tour held in Tampere, Finland* from 4-8 March ’24.

The tour was a blend of daily visits to different schools and daycare centers and training by experts in education.

By observing the Finnish education, Badri High School aims to provide our young children with a stress-free learning environment which has become the need of the day and what AqaMaula TUS continuously directs us to be: *content and stress-free.*


BHS Wonderlab-STEM it up this year!

Badri High School, Karachi proudly leads the way in introducing Robotics education across all levels, ensuring every student has access to this crucial knowledge. BHS Wonderlab, a dynamic STEM event held on January 6th, 2024, showcased the school’s commitment, with video coverage capturing the energetic atmosphere and notable guests.

This STEM extravaganza emphasized the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math from an early age, recognizing their interconnectedness in the real world. Badrians, having represented Pakistan globally in Robotics Olympiads, celebrate not just international recognition but also the accessibility of quality STEM education for all students at Badri High School.

BHS WONDERLAB was a testament to the school’s belief that the future is now, and students must be well-prepared. The Expo showcased projects from Robotics lessons, illustrating how the school equips students for the challenges ahead. The true victory lies in making STEM education, particularly Robotics, an integral part of the curriculum at every level.


The Tehfeez Department at Badri High School

he Tehfeez Department at Badri High School, including the full-time hifz students and teachers enjoyed a refreshing Friday with a trip to Interior Sindh.

The students with their Musaids and Musaidas left after a hearty breakfast to the Bhambore museum and ruins.

They were enraptured by the crocodiles at Haleji Lake and were rejuvenated by boating at Kalri Lake. The group proceeded to the Shah Jahan Masjid at Thatta and offered namaz.

They returned to Karachi after a lavish dinner looking forward to the new year.


A Morning with Legends of Zikre Husain SA

Today the students and staff at Badri High School began their day with the most melodic of voices of Zakir e Husain SA Sh Mustafa Bhai Jamali– Jani and Burhani party.

The young Zakireen of BHS had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to recite on the same platform as these renowned nightingales.

Sh Mustafa Bhai shared his experience of performing this khidmat over the last four decades and the Nazarat of Duaat Mutleqeen on him and other Zakireen. He urged all those who wish to recite to practise and hone their skills through the right platforms.

Also invited were alumni of BHS Ammar Mustansir, Husain Motiwala, Idris Aamir and Taha Murtaza who have made their name in Zikre Husain SA.



Ms. Tasneem Shk Hashim and Ms. Rashida Adnan from Badri High School, under the banner of the Badri Institute of Resource and Development, conducted a three-day session each for the 3rd and 4th group of Dirasat Khassa Talebaat on various topics of Early Childhood Development and care in JEE Mombasa.

JEE, which stands for Journey to Excellence and elegance, is an extraordinary initiative of Busaheba DM to provide Dirasat Khassa Talebaat a holistic experience of skill and knowledge-based learning through complete immersion and a rigorous routine of Learn, Do & Fun.

This is the 3rd time that these BHS teachers have been invited to conduct trainings for JEE.


*Tasees of BHS Extension Project*

On the auspicious day of Friday 1st December 2023 Syedna AaliQadar Mufaddal Saifuddin Maula TUS put His Hands on the *barni* that was put into the ground by Shahzada Aali Waqar Shahzada Idris Bhai Saheb DM for tasees of the extension project to create facilities for the students of Badri High School.

May Allah Subhanuhu grant our Maula TUS who showers uncountable blessings upon our children a long healthy and prosperous life till the Day of Qayamat. Ameen.



Two trainers and Heads of Badri High School, Tasneem Sh Hashim and Rashida Adnan are in Mombasa to conduct trainings for Journey to Elegance and Excellence JEE.

The trainings topics include Early Childhood Education, The Art of Parenting, Challenges of the Gen Z Parents, 30 Million Word Gap and Lego Six Bricks.

The two day ( 9 hour) training was for JEE 11, the 11th round of an elite skill based training institute which targets the female leadership in the Dawoodi Bohra Community.

On Day 3 in the beach side city of Mombasa, Kenya, Badri High School’s Rashida Adnan and Tasneem Sh Hashim were invited by Umoor Talimiyah for a 3 hour workshop for mothers and young mothers to be in Evan e Mohammadi, Burhani Masjid.

46 enthusiastic participants thoroughly enjoyed the interactive presentation on The Art of Parenting and Physical Development by the two trainers who shared their wealth of experience and expertise


Ohbat Majlis at Badri High School

On a blessed Thursday, 18th May 2023 the day began with an Ohbat ul Ashara majlis presided over by Al Ustaz ul Mohtaram Janab Sh. Tahir bhai Najmi, Amil Saheb of AMB, Janab Mustansir Bhaisaheb and a team of khidmat guzaars from Al Jamea tus Saifiyah.

The students recited Marasi led by ex students and Zakireen Ammar Mustansir, Taha Murtaza and party. This was followed by a rendition of Shadat of Imam Husain SA in Arabic and Maulana Aliasghar SA by the young students of BHS.

Abnaul Jamea conducted a short and impactful activity for Ohbat regarding the dress code of Ashara and the order of Shadat of Ahle Bait SA .

The morning geared up the students for performing Noha and Aweel during the auspicious days of Ashara Mubaraka 1445 H.


Independence Day Celebrations 2022 at BHS

The school premises was resplendent with the shades of joyous green and pristine white as students dressed in these colours of patriotism came to school filled with excitement and anticipation with their flags and balloons.

The 12th of August 2022, Friday, kicked off with an energetic Independence Day celebration in the assembly in the majestic front ground which the boys of class 10 had decorated with innumerable flags.

Tilawat u Dua was followed by the rendition of Allamal Insana and Kalemaat Nooraniyah of Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin RA. Then a series of performances on poems, speeches, skits and heart tugging national songs made the students jump up and down with glee. Chants of Pakistan Zindabad filled the air and after a 1.5 hours of cheer the students went back to their classes pumped up for academics.

School is one of the first places a student experiences patriotism. This pure spirit is fueled as a child grows and learns to love and appreciate his/her homeland.


A Walk to Karbala

It’s a dream for every mumin to perform the Ziyarat of Karbala Moalla atleast once in their lives. This pilgrimage is one of love and devotion where an Azadaar shows just how much he laments over the tragedy of Karbala. It is a manifestation of how he will never forget the immense and incomparable sacrifice of Imam Husain SA.

A group of three mumineen from Karachi made the resolution to walk from their city to the blessed land of Karbala crossing 4000 km in a span of 110 days. Battling the elements and exhaustion Abul Fazal bhai Godhrawala, Zoaib bhai Kuvawala and Zakir Bhai Golakwala reached Karbala and lay their heads on the Zarih of Imam Husain SA. Their neeyat was the Tool ul Umr of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS and to offer their condolences to Dai al Mutlaq TUS.

On Wednesday 18th May 2022 these three brave and fortunate gentlemen were honoured by Badri High School with a grand Guard of Honour and a token of appreciation in the morning assembly.

They shared their incredible experience and inspired the students of BHS immensely.


Mr. Australia Visits BHS

This morning Badri High School had the privilege of welcoming to its premises, Mr. Hasnain Valikarim, who was awarded Mr. Australia 2020.

As per tradition a melodious and energetic welcome was accorded through a guard of honour. After Tilawat u Dua Mr. Hasnain, who is currently in Pakistan from Australia on a visit. was welcomed with a bouquet of roses presented by a young student as well as a token.

He addressed the assembly and inspired the students with a few choice words of advice which went straight to the heart.”Respect your teachers,” he stated, “This is what my life has taught me.”

He spent one hour with Grade 10 in class where he shared his mantras about physical fitness. He encouraged these teens to join to a gym and make fitness a priority. In his amiable and humble way he talked about an ideal diet for students so they can perform well academically and feel confident socially.

In this era where physical and mental well being is a priority, Mr. Hasnain’s visit truly motivated the students to become better versions of themselves.

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