Grand Naat Competition on Milad u Nabi SAW

On the blessed day of Milad u Nabi, Friday 7th October 2022, a grand Naat competition multiplied the bounties of the day. The students had been eagerly preparing since two weeks and initially 25 teams from Grades 5-10 had competed for the first elimination round. 11 teams made it to round 2 and the top 7 recited on Milaad day. The judges for the occasion were Mufaddal bhai Siraj and Mustafa bhai Kapasi who are renowned Zakireen and the pride of Al Mohalatul Burhaniyah. Also invited were ex-students of BHS and popular zakireen Taha Murtaza and Ammar Mustansir.

The teams which emerged victorious were Ahmar led by Sakina M. Yousuf (Class 10) and her group, second were Zamarud led by UmeKulsoom Amir and Zainab Murtaza (Class 10) and third was Zainy led by Alefiya Aliasghar (Class 10). The little ones of the Pri-Primary also presented a summary of Rasulallah’s SAW inspiring life accompanied by speeches from the Primary and Secondary students on how we should be following the footsteps of Rahmat ul Lil Aalameen SAW to lead a prosperous life in this world and the hereafter. The two hour program was the perfect beginning to the auspicious day and the children, dressed in Libaas ul Anwar went back to their classes to continue their learning.

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