Schoolathon 2023

Today marks the beginning of the Schoolathon torch passing ceremony, and we at Badri High School are thrilled to kick off this journey! The event was graced by the honorable Amil Saheb Jamali Mohallah, Janab Juzer BS, and other dignitaries from the Schoolathon Management Team and Burhani Guards.

Imani schools in Karachi have truly fostered an incredible atmosphere for the birth of athletes. The spirit of sportsmanship runs deep in our schools, and it’s evident in the passion and dedication of our students.

From the vibrant classrooms to the athletic fields, Imani schools cultivate an environment that nurtures not only academic excellence but also the growth of aspiring athletes. The synergy between education and sports is a cornerstone of our ethos.

As the torch now makes its way to MSB Hyderi, let’s celebrate the journey of these young athletes, embodying the values of resilience, teamwork, and determination. Today’s ceremony is a testament to the unwavering spirit of the Imani schools, where dreams are not just imagined but brought to life on the track, the field, and beyond.

So, to all the students participating in the Schoolathon and those who have paved the way before them: embrace the challenge, ignite the flame within, and let the spirit of sportsmanship guide you to victory!


Celebrating Success at DENMUN IV!

We are thrilled to announce that 17 diplomats from Badri High School, recently participated in the Model United Nations Conference, DENMUN IV, held at the esteemed Dennings Law School in Karachi.

In a remarkable achievement, Muffaddal Haider secured the coveted *”Outstanding Diplomat”* award, one of the two most prestigious honors at the MUN conference. What makes this accomplishment truly remarkable is that our students engaged in spirited debates and negotiations not only with their peers but also with college and university-level participants.

This victory not only reflects the exceptional talent and dedication of Muffaddal but also underscores the high caliber of our entire delegation. It’s a testament to the commitment of Badri High School in nurturing young leaders and fostering a passion for international affairs.

Congratulations to Muffaddal Haider and the entire Badri High School delegation for making waves at DENMUN IV.


BHS Wonderlab-STEM it up this year!

Badri High School, Karachi proudly leads the way in introducing Robotics education across all levels, ensuring every student has access to this crucial knowledge. BHS Wonderlab, a dynamic STEM event held on January 6th, 2024, showcased the school’s commitment, with video coverage capturing the energetic atmosphere and notable guests.

This STEM extravaganza emphasized the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math from an early age, recognizing their interconnectedness in the real world. Badrians, having represented Pakistan globally in Robotics Olympiads, celebrate not just international recognition but also the accessibility of quality STEM education for all students at Badri High School.

BHS WONDERLAB was a testament to the school’s belief that the future is now, and students must be well-prepared. The Expo showcased projects from Robotics lessons, illustrating how the school equips students for the challenges ahead. The true victory lies in making STEM education, particularly Robotics, an integral part of the curriculum at every level.


The Tehfeez Department at Badri High School

he Tehfeez Department at Badri High School, including the full-time hifz students and teachers enjoyed a refreshing Friday with a trip to Interior Sindh.

The students with their Musaids and Musaidas left after a hearty breakfast to the Bhambore museum and ruins.

They were enraptured by the crocodiles at Haleji Lake and were rejuvenated by boating at Kalri Lake. The group proceeded to the Shah Jahan Masjid at Thatta and offered namaz.

They returned to Karachi after a lavish dinner looking forward to the new year.


A Saturday at the 18th Karachi International Book Fair

The bibliophiles of the Senior classes of Badri High School had a field day at the 18th Karachi International Book Fair at the Expo Centre, the most awaited event for any book lover in the city. The students left for the fair after their first Midterm paper and spent two hours spending their time with the most extraordinary collection of books showcased by the most renowned publishers of the country.

The choice of books reflected the students unique inclination and psyche. Some leaned towards animated comics, other towards novels (fantasy, adventure and mysteries) and some towards self help books.


A Morning with Legends of Zikre Husain SA

Today the students and staff at Badri High School began their day with the most melodic of voices of Zakir e Husain SA Sh Mustafa Bhai Jamali– Jani and Burhani party.

The young Zakireen of BHS had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to recite on the same platform as these renowned nightingales.

Sh Mustafa Bhai shared his experience of performing this khidmat over the last four decades and the Nazarat of Duaat Mutleqeen on him and other Zakireen. He urged all those who wish to recite to practise and hone their skills through the right platforms.

Also invited were alumni of BHS Ammar Mustansir, Husain Motiwala, Idris Aamir and Taha Murtaza who have made their name in Zikre Husain SA.



Ms. Tasneem Shk Hashim and Ms. Rashida Adnan from Badri High School, under the banner of the Badri Institute of Resource and Development, conducted a three-day session each for the 3rd and 4th group of Dirasat Khassa Talebaat on various topics of Early Childhood Development and care in JEE Mombasa.

JEE, which stands for Journey to Excellence and elegance, is an extraordinary initiative of Busaheba DM to provide Dirasat Khassa Talebaat a holistic experience of skill and knowledge-based learning through complete immersion and a rigorous routine of Learn, Do & Fun.

This is the 3rd time that these BHS teachers have been invited to conduct trainings for JEE.


*Tasees of BHS Extension Project*

On the auspicious day of Friday 1st December 2023 Syedna AaliQadar Mufaddal Saifuddin Maula TUS put His Hands on the *barni* that was put into the ground by Shahzada Aali Waqar Shahzada Idris Bhai Saheb DM for tasees of the extension project to create facilities for the students of Badri High School.

May Allah Subhanuhu grant our Maula TUS who showers uncountable blessings upon our children a long healthy and prosperous life till the Day of Qayamat. Ameen.


Remembering the Poet of the East

The Primary Section put up a delightful and inspiring enactment of Allama Iqbal’s poetry in Urdu and English to commemorate Iqbal Day on 9th November 2023. From Grades 1 to 4 the students dressed in costumes and holding props, revived the message and philosophy of Iqbal through these renditions.


Aitchison College Science And Engineering Concept

This Monday, the morning sun became more radiant for the children of Class IX A and B who participated and won the distinction award in the category “Wolf of Tech Street” at the Aitchison College, Lahore, were re-presented their tokens of appreciation by their beloved Principal, Janab Shk Hashim Bhai and Head of Section, Maryum J.K.

Alhamdolillah for all our achievements!!!


Milad Mubarak Celebrated by the Montessori Section

A colourful Moqib marked a multi-colour river of little soldiers who marched to the joyous beat of drums in a procession to celebrate the 80th Milad Mubarak of AqaMaula tus.

The outpouring of love from their hearts was evident as each class in a specific colour showcased one of the ahadeeth on Hub taken from Ashara mawaiz, with pictures, props and dresses.

The mokib started from the main gate of Badri High School and wound its way across the front ground, round the trees and by the slides, and culminated at the back ground.
The children then presented their mubarakbadis in words of love and devotion on the stage as the air reverberated with sounds of tilawat, salam, matam and madeh in sweet young voices.

Our parents were with us every step of the way through live streaming of the program.


*World Robot Olympiad International 2023* in the *Senior Robomission category.*


*The students of Badri High School are once again on a mission to make the community and the country proud as they strive for global glory!*

After the spectacular win in the friendly match at the World Robot Olympiad in Denmark in September 2023, our students took off today to the breathtaking *Panama City* 🇵🇦 in the heart of Central America to compete at the *World Robot Olympiad International 2023* in the *Senior Robomission category.*

Our Robogineers:🦾
Haider Yousuf Rammpurawala IX
AbdeManaf Huzefa Husaini IX
Tahir Ibrahim Morbiwala IX

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