A Morning with a Theatre Artist

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Promise me! You will honor each second you spend with your whole heart!                                                                                                                                 -Tasneem Ammar Najmuddin-

It was not any less than a reverie to expect a theatre artist, actor and director ravishing the chocolaty brown stage of BHS.

‘Dreams come true’, a belief with which BHS opened the doors of opportunities for students to explore.

27th of February, a day that welcomed Sir Mehdi, a renowned theater performer who greeted students with strategies and techniques to rule the stage over and prepared students of grade VIII as they will embark on a greater mission to create history by performing Shakespearean theater live for the audience, in a 11/2 hour session that populated the idea of experiential learning.

His art of teaching was that of modeling, where he engaged students in interactive activities all converging in the establishment of,

  • Trust building
  • Valuing characters on stage/use of stage
  • Giving the lead the required limelight
  • Imitate your partner
  • Delivering dialogues with intonation (especially focusing on narration)

On explaining the difference between Shakespeare and Brecht Theater he clarified plethora of ambiguities that hovered over students mind, answering to one of the most asked question, ‘What happens if we forget our dialogues in the middle of the stage?’, to which Mr. Mehdi calmly explained over an activity, ’Take ownership, Give cues!’ Through his explicit understanding students understood that in life your size, color, age gap are mere things of no greater value, all that matters is to respect and trust.

The success of his session reflected in students wanting it more and more despite the session being stretched for half an hour than the designated time. The way of his conduct not only enthralled students but made them promise for complete dedication and devotion to the stage which will now become a big part of their lives.

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