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Middle School Spelling Bee at BHS

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In order to promote a love for the learning of spellings, Badri High School regularly participates in the DAWN Spelling Bee Competition which is organized by the DAWN in Education. This year, too, we look forward to participating in it.

In addition to the National Spelling Bee Competition, students are encouraged to learn spellings in the classrooms and they are assessed for it. The teachers constantly try to make sure that learning a spelling is not a tedious task for students. One such attempt was the In-school Spelling Bee Competition, held on the Astroturf, on the 3rd of April`19. Classes VIA & B , VIIA & B and VIIIA & B competed in the contest.

A team of 3 students represented each class. The students prepared spellings from the novels being taught in that class currently. For Grade VI, the students prepared from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, while Grade VII learnt spellings from Edith Nesbit`s “The Railway Children”. Class VIII mastered the spellings from “The Tales of Shakespeare”.

The program began at 9:50 AM when the teams assembled on the stage. The competition had 3 rounds. The participants were so excellently prepared that they spelt each word as soon as the pronouncer said it. The audience also enjoyed this productive event as their eagerness to spell the word loud was clear. The objective of this event was to revise spellings in a fun way, which was achieved thankfully.

Class VI A &VI B, both the teams were declared winners as they shared the same position on the score board. A tie breaker also could not give us a distinct winner. Class VII A and Class VIII B also shared the victory stand. The participants were lauded with praise from their fellows and certificates of participation from the school as well. On the other hand, the victors teams were presented with books.

The names of the Spellers are as follows:



Class VI A: Class VII A    Class VIII A


Insiyah Burhanuddin Munira Quaid Johar Munira Anjarwala
Insiyah Mustafa Maria Mushtaq Maria Sadiq
Ummul Baneen Zainab Fakhruddin Hawra Hussain


Class VI B: Class VII B Class VIIIB
Muffaddal Mohammad Al Aqmar Yusuf AbdeAli Shabbir
Juzer Muffaddal Mustafa Murtaza Abbas Fakhruddin
Udad Murtaza Ibrahim Quaid Johar Mustafa Zakir


Spellings are an integral part of learning English Language. If a child can spell a word properly, it is imperative that he reads well too. Spellings help in cementing the connection that is shared between sounds and letters, which is taught to a child when he or she is in kindergarten.

Surprisingly, students all over the world share a common dislike for the subject. One reason for this can be the auto spell correct feature in MS Word and Android phones, as it burgles the significance of learning a word. At some point, a student may get frustrated and asks out loud, “Why do I learn spellings?”

However, we all know that in a written text, punctuation errors often go unnoticed but if the spelling is poor, the writing suffers. Not only is the ability to spell necessary in a student`s academic grounds but is also evidently needed when one enters his/her professional life.

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