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The beginning of March saw the students of Class 6, 7 and 8 poring through the poetry anthologies in the BHS library in their quest for a classic poem to recite in the final elocution of the year. After tumultuous trials taken in all classes, finally 42 participants were short listed to perform in the final elocution held on Friday 16th March 2018.

Since the beginning of the academic year, several elocutions have been held throughout the Secondary Section. Such focus on oratory skills, especially on poetry recitation is because poetry as an art breaks across grammar and syntax to create something new and imaginative for the children and succeeds in creating a love for the language. Research reveals that reading rhyming poetry out loud makes it easier for younger children to learn new vocabulary words. The rhythmic structure of the stanzas creates a known context for unknown words.

Through the fortnight while the English language teachers rehearsed with these 42 students, the students not only memorized these classic poems and learnt about reputed poets like Blake, Frost and Shakespeare but also began to comprehend the nuances of pitch, voice inflection, and volume. Reciting poetry helped them place emphasis on the sound and the rhythm of language, thus building their phonemic awareness.
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The young orators learnt to pick up patterns and sequences in the poems they recited developing their memorization skills. Linguistic experts share that this ability to pick patterns will eventually aid them in learning new languages, reading comprehension and mathematics.

Yet, the greatest outcome of every elocution has been the confidence which the children have felt when they were given the freedom to express feelings to their audience.  A variety of emotions were played out on stage from melancholy to humour; from heartbreak to bereavement; from love to patriotism. Infused with expression these classic poems were brought to life. The use of gestures and facial expressions helped them enthrall their audience.

Alefiya Sh. Esmail, who is a writer and poet in English, Arabic and Urdu as well as an educationist, was invited to judge the event. She shared her feedback regarding the event saying, “I was fortunate to have witnessed the young elocutionists of Badri High School in their full glory the past week. I saw students of secondary school dishing out verse after verse, from the absolute classics, to the anonymous poetry that we have all grown up on. And what a joy it was to behold! How lovely it was to hear young Taher Sh Mohammed of Grade VIII reciting Shakespeare’s Seven Ages of Man with such mastery! What great fun it was to watch Amatullah Aliasgher of Grade VII animatedly recite Faith Trekson’s Mother and the Mouse! And most of all, what an awesome performance Hatim Mustafa of (again of Grade VII) gave for If I Die!

These are but some names from many; truth be told, each and every participant was a winner in their own right.

What has deeply impressed me was the gusto with which the students participated in this competition. They performed beautifully, paying great attention to diction, delivery and body language. Some of these wonderful students were flawless, and a few seem ripe for any of the best spoken word platforms for their age group.

BHS has come a long way in the last couple of years, and it gives one great joy to be privy to its remarkable journey. The competitive spirit of its students, the bonhomie they share, and the inclusive atmosphere of this school were on full display in this competition. Here’s wishing these bright young students and their teachers all the very best in all their learning endeavors.”


Class 6 winners

Position Student Poem
First Ibrahim Quaid Johar Angel by William Blake
Second Naqiya Aliasghar Open a Book by William Blake
Third Alefiya Mohammed The Life of a Cupcake by Sheldy Greer

Class 7 winners

Position Student Poem
First Hatim Mustafa If I Die
Second Amatullah Aliasghar Mother and the mouse by Faith Trackson
Third Umehani Mohammed Thinking by Walter De Wintle

Class 8 winners

Position Student Poem
First Asma Abbas Trees by Joy Kilmer
Second Abbas Mustafa Drive the nail aright
Third Zainab Amir

Insiya Khozema

A hazy dark life by Robin Davis

Stopping by the Woods by Robert Frost

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