The Zealous Ashara Ohbat at BHS

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Keeping in view the Ashara Ohbat all around the world, at BHS too a grand majlis with the presidency of Janab Amil Saheb was held, where students graciously displayed Noha wa Aweel. Also several theoretical and practical teachings of Noha wa Aweel has made its way into children’s hearts and souls.

The little children in the montessori section were as involved in Ashara Ohbat as the elder students. They have memorized Shahadat by heart and listen attentively to Zikre -Hussain AS with purjosh Matam, Noha wal Aweel and tears in thier eyes. They have decorated Alam of “Ya Hussain” themselves and now wait with joyus hearts for the day when they can do matam of Imam Hussain AS at their Moula’s Qadam Mubarak.

Students of Secondary were granted special permission during school hours to be present, and even at times conducted majalis at mumeneens houses . Dua e Kamil was also recited in class as part of the Ohbat.

In the primary, Tasabeeh and worksheets were done to engage children physically and spiritually in Shahadat bayan, that made them feel the agony of Imam Husain AS and Ahle Bait AS and eventually tears of pain and gratitude rolled down their eyes the young souls also performed Noha majlis in their class premises.

A grand Qafya Competition was held at Husami masjid, comprising Marasi  of Arabi, Urdu and Lisanu-dawat. A young student recited shahadat of Imam Hussain (A.S) in Arabic Language, which filled the atmosphere with the aching sound of Aweel and burning tears.

Also the traditional Ibarat of Noha was recited by the student of Class V and grievous shahadat of Imam Hussain was recited.

In the end a forceful Moula Karachi Padharo araz was done by student of Class VI.

The Qafiyah competition was won by the students of Madrasa Badriya who secured 275 points. While BHS followed by a close margin of 263.5 points.

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