The world of Medicine opens up as students visit Saifee Hospital

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Badri High School believes in imparting education to the students not just by textual reading or learning of content but by helping them experience the real world.


The students of class VII at BHS are learning about the human body systems in Science and thus, a visit to the Saifee Hospital was planned so that their classroom and theoretical learning can be amalgamated with the latest and practical methods of healthcare.


Saifee Hospital is one of the hospitals managed by Saifee Hospital Trust established by His Holiness Late Dr. Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin (RA) to cater to the essential healthcare needs of a common man. It is dedicated to the memory of his revered father, His Holiness, Late Dr. Syedna Taher Saifuddin (RA). It is a complete, healthcare-services based hospital and provides compassionate, accessible & high quality care to the patients.


44 students along with 2 teachers (Sir Ibrahim Shabbir and Sir Hussain Tayyeb)  visited Saifee Hospital on Friday, 9th March 2018. They reached at 10 am where they are welcomed by the management. The students were divided into two groups. Students visited the Pharmacy, Emergency ward,  OPD, X-ray room, CT-Scan machine, Operation theater, Burhani Ward, Peads ward, eye surgical ward, NICU, Infusion Room, Gynecology ward, Physiotherapy, Dialysis center and also the recently inaugurated Nursing School.
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Students felt the importance of life when they saw small ailing children in the Peads ward. Their eyes filled the tears by looking them. Students have also given the small children and their mothers “GET WELL SOON “ cards. The smile on the face of the young childrens’ mothers gave relief to the students. When students reached the dialysis center, they witnessed the working of the dialysis machine and here too they gave “GET WELL SOON “  cards to the patients.
Students were very interested in adding to their knowledge so they asked many questions which also encouraged the doctors to explain about the equipment in detail. Doctors were willing to answer any question asked by the students and explained it to them until they were satisfied.



We would like to thank the trustees and management of Saifee Hospital for allowing our students to visit the hospital and facilitating them every step of the way.

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