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The Thrill of the Track

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The Karachi School Games Academy in collaboration with Pakistan Sports Board and Sindh Athletics Association organized an invigorating plethora of sporting events at the NCC Ground on Saturday 27th October 2018.

23 students from Badri High School experienced the thrill of participating on a tartan track as they competed with top 30 schools like The City School, Generations, Karachi Grammar, BVS.

Under 16 Winners:

Event Position Student Class
Shot Put 4th position Arwa Aziz X
100 meter race 3rd Position Fatema Najmuddin X
400 m race 4th Position Sakina Aunali X
800 m race 4th position Amatullah Sh. Mansoor X

Under 12 Winners:

Event Position Student Class
100 m 2nd position


Hussaina Juzar VIII
100m 3rd position


Murtaza Hussain VII

Under 16 Relay race-Boys:

Student Class
Abbas Fakhruddin X
Huzaifa Abbas X
Hamza Hasan X
Mohammad Shabbir X

Under 16 Relay race-Girls:

Student Class
Fatema Mansoor X
Maria Mansoor X
Umema Abbas X
Maria Ismail X
Fatema Saeed X

Long Jump-Under 16 –Boys

Student Class
Tahir Shabbir X

100 m –Under 16-Boys

Student Class
Husain Feroz X

Under 12 Relay race-Girls:

Student Class
Naqiyah Ali VII
Sherebano Huzaifa VII
Hawra Juzar V
Jamila Sh. Fakhruddin V

Under 12 Relay race-Boys:

Studentz Class
Shabbir Aliasghar V
Adnan Hussain VII
Ismail Adnan VII
Burhanuddin Huzaifa VIII

BHS encourages participation in Inter School competitive sporting events as it has proved to enhance skills, fitness and teamwork and exhort physical activity. The athletes of the school stand out from others as they display discipline because competitive sport requires dedicated training and practice. They understand that with hard work, often come results.

Students who ran on the track experienced the thrill of victory as well how to deal with disappointment. Losing well is a skill best learnt early and learnt well. Engraining good sportsmanship early can ensure students carry these good practices across every aspect of their lives and into their adulthood.

Yet above all, participation in sporting events builds camaraderie and teamwork. It’s this shared experience and emotion that builds loyalty and trust within a team and as a school.



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