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The Power to Debate

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What do you think?
Should smart phones be banned in the age bracket 1 – 18 years? Yes or No?
Why do you think so?
Who will agree with you?
Why will someone get convinced?
How will you prove your points?
What concrete sources will give you proof and evidence to have a healthy argument?
How will you manage your time in the most effective manner to convey your claim?
Taking care of manners and etiquette of speech, how will you convince your opponent that he or she
has lesser valid points than yours to win the debate?
Respecting your opponents opinion and then putting yours… Truly! Debate is an art of speech and
articulation with research and evidence. “Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent,
and debate.”
We saw advocates in Class 7 of BHS when they nailed-it with their debate with their fellow classmates
team. Both the teams were extraordinary and their declamation and vocalization rocked the forum.
Since a couple of weeks they were studying Media Presentation Techniques and now it was time to
show case it. When the sun of 29th October 2021 rose, the students of Class 7 shone reflecting the
sunlight. They were as bright as light. Under the captaincy of their classmates Hamza Sh. Huzefa and
Khozema Sh. Taizoon, 30 classmates were off to the battle field with the power of preparation and
With smartness, confidence, motivation, vocalization, research work and leadership skills they proved
their points. Khuzema Sh. Taizoon’s team emerged victorious as they were able to prove that banning
smart phones is not the answer.
The teams were honoured by certificates of victory and appreciated for their immense participation.
We, thank their parents, too for all the support they provide to our teacher to groom their children and
co-operate with our children with love and respect. Each child is a winner and may victory follow them.

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