The Montessori Activity Room: A hub for learning with loads of fun!

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Free-Play; We’ve all been there; whether playing ghar ghar or majlis majlis or school school, we all have fond memories of those carefree occasions of play when a dupatta became a blanket or suitably arranged pillows became an aeroplane.

But today, when our children propose to do the same, we are quick to provide alternate activities which are structured or ‘educational’.

We as parents and educators must understand that children require a blend of free-play and structured play to build an array of skills which are necessary for their development.


In the BHS Pre-Primary, a separate room has been set up for the children to experience free-play.  It is divided into areas which are separate and yet connected. The areas are stocked with open-ended material which lends itself well to the changing demands of the play such as blocks and bottle-caps as well specific -objective material such as puzzles. Important life skills are being learned and applied as children engage in free-play of their choice in the BHS Activity Room.

  1. As they arrange and rearrange the blocks, an idea begins to take a concrete form. They are building creativity and the ability to come up with unique ideas.

  1. As these children play in the home area, they learn to care and develop decision-making skills.

  1. During pretend play, they build their social skills and develop the ability to self-regulate their emotions and impulses.

  1. Crucial cognitive abilities are being built during free-play. Language, math and science is explored and investigated in a fun way.

  1. Children discover their interests as they engage in different kinds of play.

So the next time your child decides to play ghar ghar with a sibling or by himself, don’t interrupt him. He is learning while he plays.



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3 replies on “The Montessori Activity Room: A hub for learning with loads of fun!”

I truely believe this . You just stand in the corner and listen to them telling their story. Its amazing to know how much they know withoit is knowing.

The BHS effort to teache learning by all means will help the children develop by all means . This kind of grooming needs hard work and YOU are exactly doing that so thank you and please carry on .

“Lovely staff, awesome school environment . My daughter has improved so much since starting at BHS and that’s down to everyone having the time to help her.”

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