The First Week in Pre-Primary

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The new academic year 2019-20 is a year of new beginnings in the Pre-Primary Section. With expansion in the infra-structure, renovation in the interior decor, the introduction of exciting co-curricular activities, a strong team and a new batch of little children as unique and inimitable as they always are, the BHS Pre-Primary is all set on the high road to success.

The New Playgroup: An Enabling Environment

An enabling environment acts as the ‘Third Teacher’ for the child and enables them to create, build develop and reinforce their learning in an environment which is pleasing, invigorating, comforting and safe. It provides children with opportunities to learn individually and socially even when there is no explicit teaching. The Activity room fulfils this need for the students of the Pre-Primary Section. The two and a half years old children of Playgroup want a play experience that would cater to their needs exclusively, and this was achieved by bringing it into the Playgroup classroom. This classroom will incorporate an outdoor area as well where children will be able to experience a wholesome outdoor experience.

A second room for Playgroup B is under construction. We look forward to welcoming a new batch of students as soon as it is complete.

Robotics in Seniors

The Seniors will have a one-hour Robotics session every week in which they will work with Lego WeDo 2.0 to construct and program their minibots. Their first project is construction of a fan and programming it to rotate at different settings. Our little stemmers are excited! And so are we!
The Team Triangle

The orientation on Saturday served as a platform for parents and teachers to get to know each other and share and discuss important aspects of their child’s respective grade in the year that lies ahead. With a strong team triangle of passionate parents, dedicated teachers and the most amazing children, we anticipate great feats from little hands.

The Year Ahead

The first week of school began with brand new belongings and books, some screams and sobs, meeting old friends and getting to know new teachers and peers in a new room. As the first week comes to an end, the rest of the term now begins with well-settled children who are ready to play and learn and laugh and make strong connections of learning in their minds and unbreakable bonds of friendship in their hearts.

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