The First Day of Playgroup

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Imagine yourself in a strange place, surrounded by strange people who speak a language other than your own.

Does it sound like something out of a story book?


Now add to this the fact that your loved ones take you by the hand and leave you there.

How would you feel?

This is more or less what each of our tiny tots felt on the first day of school. They expressed their fear and frustration of their unknown surroundings the way they knew best: crying.

Our teachers were prepared for all eventualities. They had name badges ready at the gate and as soon as a child came in, they pinned it to his pocket. Most children had to be carried to the class as they struggled to run back to their parents. Other teachers pitched in to help with the struggling tots.

In the classroom, the teachers got down to the task with incredible calm and patience. Their soothing voice and calm demeanor gradually pacified the young ones until most of them were willing to settle down and play with the toys or participate in singing rhymes. Some of them though, kept crying at intervals as the memory of their surroundings resurfaced.

Soon, the hour was up and the teachers went around sorting bags, caps, scarves and water-bottles, checking for labels and helping children wear their backpacks.

They took the children to the gates and as each child spotted his parent(s) his face broke into a smile of recognition and relief as he ran towards outstretched arms.

A week has gone by and the children have now begun to recognize the school environment, the teachers and the other children. This sense of familiarity and routine has gradually increased their level of comfort. Most of them are now coming with a smile and have begun to enjoy time spent in school. Some of them have also started coming by the school van.

But as much as they enjoy school, at the end of the day, the little ones all look forward to going home to be greeted with a smile and a hug by the most beloved people in their lives.


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3 replies on “The First Day of Playgroup”

Children are really enjoyed with teachers, slides and group of friends that was amazing, well organized and excellent decorated class,activity room and excited games on orientation with parents ..All teachers are good for knowledge and skills developed .

Beautifully written and explained… It is exactly how i think my girl would have felt on her first day…

P. S: Are there more pictures.? Because I can’t spot my daughter😔

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