The Community Shines on the BADAL DO Forum

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Twelve teachers from BHS are attending BADAL DO, a year-long program led by a consortium of seven organizations. They aim to engage hundreds of teachers from a cross-section of society to become the change makers who will foster peace, social inclusion, tolerance and civic sense in their classrooms to benefit thousands of students and ultimately bring about change in the society.

Each session brings a different BADAL DO theme and our teachers gained the respect of the whole group right from the beginning when they talked about ‘change from within’ in relation to the food waste they saw during lunch hour.

Last week the theme was ‘Heroes’. Participants were asked to share about their heroes. One teacher from the Memon community who lived near Taheri Masjid in Saddar, shared that her heroes were those young boys from the Bohra community who with masks and gloves and wearing topi, night after night cleaned the streets around the Masjid, undeterred by the insensitivity of the people who day after day treated the streets as dumps. She then said that the real hero was their Syedna Saheb who has instilled this civic sense and taught them to not only bring the change but to be the change.

Maula Maula Mufaddal Maula!

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6 replies on “The Community Shines on the BADAL DO Forum”

Great efforts
We appreciate the program n hope will bring great changes
Our maula is our role model but has never denied to seek good things from somewhere else
Great BHS

The concept of bringing change amongst us was appreciated as Maula T.U.S. stated, when he was asked how to bring peace in the world, بالجهاد الاكبر fight amongst ourselves!

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