The Best of Deen and Duniya

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This morning was a reflection of what Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS envisages a community school to be able to achieve. On one hand stood the eighth Hafiz of school; the fourth of this Academic Year 2018-19. On the other, stood the student who had secured the highest percentage in the SSC Part 2 examination.

Burhanuddin Zulfiqar of class 8 became the eighth Hafiz of the school and was bestowed with garlands of appreciation while Husain Murtaza (Class 10 batch of 2017-18) was lauded for his hard work and A1 grade in the Board Examination.

Burhanuddin himself is an example of how a child from a simple family, can achieve a dream coveted by thousands today—the dream to Hifz the Quran e Majeed. He is a playful and energetic child who has held onto his dream of becoming a Hafiz for a year and a half, forging ahead with dedication and a positive attitude. Burhanuddin is one who does not believing in ensconcing himself in a room to Hifz but has achieved a perfect balance in his social and academic life. He prays in the masjid three times and has a plethora of friends due to his jovial nature.

Last week, too, Ibrahim Yousuf of class 7 became a Hafiz after giving the complete Quran Ikhtibaar to Shahzada Husain Bhai sahib DM increasing the enthusiasm to perform Hifzul Quran in BHS to a feverish pitch.

Badri High School is dedicated to providing the best of secular and spiritual education to the students of the community since the last 50 years. It is driven by the ethos that guides all community schools of providing the best knowledge in the light of the Ilm of Ale Mohammed SA.

For this aim to be achieved the Deeniyat and Secular staff work in liaison and cooperation to ensure the Taleem as well as the Tarbiyat of the children of momineen who are the future of the community. The barakat of the Qudoom of the 53rd Dai al Mutlaq Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin in 2016 has ushered in another revival in the institute. During this visit Aali Qadr Maula TUS inaugurated the Hifz Room and since then eight students have achieved the status of Hafiz ul Quran. With this is the best facilities and facilitators providing instruction in secular subjects, language development, extra-curricular activities and recently STEM education through Robotics, Mind Math and Arduino.

May Allah Subhanuhu help us to lovingly nurture each student at Badri High School in light of the lofty vision of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS.


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3 replies on “The Best of Deen and Duniya”

Masha Allah, Mabrook Alif Mabrook to all of Badri Education Board and management as well both Huffaz.

Moula Mufaddal Aqa na shafaqat no thando saayo apen sagla gulamo per hamesha qayem o dayem rakhe.

Mubarak Mubarak; BHS has achieved excellence in both the form of education…Deen and Duniya. May Allah (SWT) grant long life to our Moula Aali Qadr.

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