Teacher`s Appreciation Month

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It is evident that all doctors, engineers, scientists, techies, businessmen, politicians and many others who run the infrastructure of this fast moving and rapidly changing world, are able to do what they do best, because of teachers. A saintly and noble profession like teaching is the creator of all other money making, fame generating and highly loved jobs in the world. It would not be wrong to predict that if we do not have any teachers, we will never have the right manpower to run the global engine.

Not just this, but all other humanitarian actions also take place because back in childhood, or in early adulthood, there was a teacher who taught how to become a productive member of the society. Such an important part of our society are teachers. Their influences cannot be erased.

In order to pay a tribute to the services offered by the teachers, the world marks October as International Teacher`s Appreciation Month. Many students make cards, write letters and give presents to their teachers as a token of their love and respect. Educational Institutions also make sure that the services of these agents of change are rewarded and they feel appreciated, which, in return, boosts the morale of the teacher. For this reason, many researchers in the world have considered timely and worthy appreciation of a teacher`s services as the best stimulator of their intrinsic motivation.

This year, Badri High School decided to take the teachers, far from the hustle and bustle of the city of lights to a dinner on the Hawks Bay Beach. Dua Restaurant was indeed a scenic venue to the Teacher`s Appreciation Ceremony, which consisted of awarding certification to teachers, keeping in mind their unique strengths. Teachers chatted, took pictures on the beach under the night sky, played a lot of refreshing games and watched the iconic win of Pakistan over Afghanistan.

Coming back to the school on Monday, each of them was refreshed and happy to give their best. We recommend all institutions for such much needed outings and a uniquely crafted appreciation, which is deserved by teachers.

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