Sports Day 2018-A Sport for Everyday

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The 12th of January 2018 was a day to be remembered. The air was filled with the scent of the dwindling winter as well as the energy of the excited, young sportsmen on the green turf of Khaimat ur Riyazat as Badri High School hosted its Annual Sports Day.

Titled ‘A Sport for Everyday’ the theme of the event drew inspiration from Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin’s TUS excerpt on the advent and passage of seven days since time immemorial and the events which unfold in them.  BHS coupled this with the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle which Aali Qadr Maula TUS is inculcating in every believer’s household through wholesome nutrition, exercise and regular medical checkups, and used the number 7 in every one of its races.

The event was graced by the chief patron of BHS, Janab Naeem Bhaisaheb and Amil Saheb of Al Mohalatul Burhaniyah Janab Shabbir Bhaisaheb who were accorded a guard of honour by the BHS band and Student’s Council. Following Tilawat and recitation, the sportsmen took oath before the Chief Guests and the games were declared open.

The first phase of the games featured the tiny tots of the Pre Primary Section who delighted the audience with their PT display. This was followed by the four races of the Montessori  Section the first based on Eric Carl’s book ‘The Hungry Catterpillar’ showcasing the seven days of the week. The second race showed the Riwayat of Imam Husain AS granting the ‘Saail’ seven farzand; the third displayed the Riwayat of Maulatuna Fatema’s pearl necklace bearing seven pearls and lastly, the tracks showed runner dressed as the seven national things of Pakistan.

The second phase incorporated the Primary Section’s PT display which was a vibrant exhibition of precision, energy and coordination by the 150 students of classes 1-5. The audience gasped in wonder as 60 boys from the Secondary section leaped on each other to form four human pyramids paying homage to the four houses at BHS. The four house flags fluttered in the morning breeze as the children cheered their houses on.

Then came the enthralling races. On one hand the hurdle, relay races and the sprints excited the audience, while the survivor race, balancing race, tunnel race and the wheelbarrow race taught lessons of coordination and teamwork.  The Seven Wonders race and the Rainbow skipping race incorporated learning and agility while the Breakfast race and Getting Ready for School race taught lessons which would come in handy everyday.

The events ended with a thrilling tug-of-war and with the red house emerging the victor of the day with 36 points. The races were accompanied with the giving away of medals and trophies in quick succession. The senior girls were also honoured with certificates and medals on the big day even though their events had been held on the 10th of January.

The BHS Sports Day received TV coverage and the students and staff walked away with an unparalleled feeling of fulfillment, invigoration and achievement.

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