Shahzada Idrees Bhai saheb Badruddin DM Visits Badri High School

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The air was charged with excitement on Thursday, 12th October 2017, 22nd Moharram up Haram 1439 Hijri as Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS was due to grace Al Mohalatul Burhaniyah for the entire day.

What added to the exuberance was the news that Shahzada Idrees bhai saheb Badruddin DM Ameedut Taleem was to visit Badri High School.

At 11:45 Shahzada Saheb reached the BHS premises. He was accorded a guard of honour by the BHS band boys dressed in their smart royal blue waistcoats. Students from the Pre Primary Section welcomed him with a bouquet.

Shahzada saheb began his tour with the Hifzul Quran room where he was very pleased with the progress of the school going huffaz.

He visited the primary section classrooms and toured the Science Lab and Art room.


Shahzada saheb then came to the Secondary section where he looked into every class. Yet what completely enthralled him was the Robotics class being conducted in the SMART rooms. The students programmed a robot before him while he was briefed about the newly launched Robotics classes for classes 5-7.

On the ground floor Shahzada Saheb inspected the vibrant Pre Primary classrooms and activity room.

In the Computer Lab he was shown a presentation of the achievements of the last year 2016-17. He inquired into the many aspects of the school and it’s activities.

After a visit to the library, Shahzada Idrees bhai saheb was taken to the Principal’s office where the sharbat and wadhavanu rasm was carried out by BHS trustees. Various reports regarding Badri High School and Madrasa Badriyah were presented.

The one hour visit revived memories of Aali Qadr Maulas TUS historic visit to BHS in 2016. Shahzada saheb’s visit infused a new energy into the BHS environ and we express our gratitude for his concern for the institute.

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5 replies on “Shahzada Idrees Bhai saheb Badruddin DM Visits Badri High School”

Bonjour vraiment c est formidable tout est en ordre et parfait .félicitations et courage dans l accomplissement de vos actions.MAULANA ALI QADAR MUFADDAL SAIFUDDIN TUS ZINDABAD

Shahzada Saheb na qadam si Barakat Ni baarish thasey. Farzando behter perform Kersey. Teachers ane Puri school team naa waastey kair o barakaat che.

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