Project based learning

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Project based learning is currently the talk of the Badri School-town. In a previous post, we talked about the session conducted by our expert PBL team of teachers. Their passion and drive was so infectious that now, we’ve all been bitten by the PBL bug! The Montessori Seniors have especially been very affected.Usually the following symptoms manifest themselves throughout the PBL season:

The driving real-world question for the Montessori Seniors was:

‘How do we design a play area for ourselves which caters to our needs?’

The teachers showed them the outdoor area which they were supposed to design. They brainstormed ideas, looked up sample pictures on the net, debated upon the best options and accordingly kept revising their plan. Finally they drew their individual plans. After that, they again sat together and compiled one outline plan through general consensus. Each class nominated four speakers to present the plan in front of JanabNaeemBhaisaheb.

Janab was very kind and patient enough to hear the complete plans presented by the children. The children are still wondering whether what they’ve planned will actually materialize. InshaAllah, they will see the fruits of their work very soon!

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