Professor Haroon Rasheed Visits BHS

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On 22nd February eminent educationist, Professor HaroonRasheed, visited the Badri High School premises. The professor has held the position of Director of Colleges, Karachi and has served as the Principal of the Government Islamia College and Government City College, Karachi. He writes columns for newspapers and comments on various talk shows as an expert too. Currently he is Director of Vision World Publication.

The professor was impressed with the discipline he witnessed at BHS, the vigilance of the pupils as well as the dedication of the teachers. He was especially impressed with the Robotics classes he had the pleasure to behold and commented on how the school was aptly preparing the children today for the future.

While addressing the students of Class VIII as he visited their classroom, he recalled many of his experiences and anecdotes with young pupils while he was a teacher. “I am a teacher at heart and if Allah would have blessed me with another life I would wish to be born a teacher again.”

As he sipped tea in the library at the end of his detailed tour, he wrote generous comments in the Comment Book where he quoted, “I am so pleased to visit this community based school. Teachers are very energetic, curious and students are very smart. I wish for such a schooling system in our public schools.” He also inscribed an Urdu verse to sum up his sentiments regarding his impressions of BHS.

BHS wishes to expose the students to such knowledgeable figures who can inspire our youth with their experience and wisdom. Introducing such personalities is a step to bringing the best of the world to the children and allowing them to engage in meaningful dialogues with people from various walks of life.

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