Playgroup Visited Burhani Mahal

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This week’s topic in Playgroup was Shelters and Homes. Different types of
shelters and homes for people and animals were discussed throughout the week.
The weeks activities and discussions culminated in a visit to the loftiest of homes,
Burhani Mahal.
On Friday March 14, children went to Burhan Mahal, where our Aqa Moula TUS
lives and give blessings to mumineen.
Children took a plant for small hadiya to present Aqa Maula TUS which is now
hanging in the garden of Gurfah Mubarak. Children did sajda and recited marsiyah
and shahadat of Imam Hussain AS in Aqa Moula’s Bethak Mubarak.
Kids observed the beautiful gardens and pet shelters and fed the pigeons too.
Children received the sharaf to kiss bethak of Aqa Moula TUS. The children were
given salawat milk as they were leaving. One child excitedly told his mother,
“Maula gave me a gift!”
By integrating our cultural values and traditions, children were made aware of our
uniqueness as a community. What unites us all together is our love for our Aqa
Maula Mufaddal Maula TUS. We have the shelter of his blessings over our heads
which protects us from harm.
Other activities that the children did related to the topic, Shelters and Homes:
 camping (in the school premises)
 videos on animal shelters
 Mumin nu ghar (discussion)
 Walk around the school to observe shelters (peoples’ homes, bird nests,
anthills, etc)

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