Phonetics Workshop at OUP

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In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn

It is said that teachers are lifelong learners as well the agents of change and they do so for the betterment of their students so as to prepare them for an ever-changing and unpredictable future.
This ambition of influencing the life of their students requires a lot of effort, passion towards learning and a constant urge for improvement of their teaching strategies. For the fulfillment of this divine purpose, Badri High School continues to provide its teachers with contemporary learning opportunities by sending them for various professional development trainings and workshops.
As one such endeavor, four teachers; two from Primary Section and two from Secondary Section, were sent to a phonetics work shop organized by the Dawn Media Group at Oxford University Press, on Saturday, the 6th of April` 2019.
The workshop was conducted by Saima Jawaid, the CEO of Teacher`s Lounge. A large component of the workshop dealt with Phonetics, which is the study of sounds of human speech. It is the prime focus of a spoken language. It demonstrated the use of dictionary for recognition of the correct pronunciation of a word. While reading long words, the position of stress was also demonstrated.
There were a lot of fun activities regarding reading skills. It was full of knowledge and covered fine details about the art of the correct use of pronunciation. A page with a passage written in IPA was given to us but we were not able to do it. After the workshop was conducted we were again asked to read it and we were able to do it as now we knew how to pronounce those symbols. It was a fun filled learning experience.
We look forward to conducting this workshop in the school for our colleagues.

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