When it comes to celebration, there are no two thoughts that we crave for our favorite sweet, candies or chocolates to tantalize our taste buds and entice our imagination with harmonious symphonies of effective approaches. This has proved to be ideal for communicating well with our cognitive skills and in turn, helps us control taxing conditions.

Adhering to the fact, on Saturday, 13th of July  2019, the morning sun was charmed to see our partners in progress-the parents-buzzing up the three floors of BHS of pre-primary, primary and secondary sections to meet the respective class teachers of their children for the first orientation meet of the Academic year 2019-20. They sat to discuss the dogmas and policies of the new year that promised nothing but astoundingly creative endeavors for the learners in multiple project-based implementations.

Screening an orientation at the beginning of the year rejuvenated parents with hope towards an enlightened future and allowed them to survey and experience the working of the school’s systems.

‘There is great sweetness in participating in creation.’ Hallmarking the literal saying of the above quote, BHS successfully pitched parents with the idea of knitting together with commitment of understanding, respect and hard-work through sweet participation throughout the year as it will aid to create a better life for our children—whose progress is our ultimate goal.

Complementing our theme, each classroom capsuled parents with sweet diagnostics of the curriculum to be followed, leading them to envision their child’s bright sugary future. Interactive sessions in each class with a specific objective for each activity helped parents comprehend the scheme better.

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