Orientation 2018-19-Over a Cup of Tea

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There is nothing like a cup of freshly brewed tea and biting into a biscuit early in the morning to put one in the right frame of mind. Ken Cohen has rightly said, “A cup of tea is a cup of peace!”

Early Saturday morning on 4th August 2018 the scent of tea and the concerned voices of teachers and parents could be heard through the three floors at Badri High School as they came together to orient themselves for yet another thrilling and prosperous year.

An orientation is important as a right beginning is vital to getting the entire year off to a remarkable start. For this Academic Year 2018-19 the parents were divided into two groups to come in at two time slots and invited into their children’s classrooms to listen to the plans and policies for the new year ahead. The orientation was planned a week after school started as we wished to give the parents and students a chance to experience the working of the school’s systems.

The class teachers addressed the parents and even answered individual queries and took in suggestions and concerns. It was an opportunity for the parent and teacher to meet one-on-one and discuss the most pertinent issue before them—that of their children’s personal and academic progress.

Teachers had also planned interactive sessions in each class with a specific objective for each activity. Play Group teachers made a yarn web & parents got a chance to talk about their children. It helped emphasize the importance of being connected as well. Reception’s activity emphasized how each child perceives differently’ the Juniors class teachers wanted to drive home the importance of letting children draw themselves. Seniors teachers had 2 activities on the importance of language & consistency in learning.

At BHS we believe strongly in strengthening the Parent-Tecaher-Student triangle and continue to endeavor to communicate effectively and regularly with parents via forums like Ilmversity.

The morning was pleasantly spent; productively and positively utilized to provide a road map for the entire year. Arthur Wing Pinero has rightly said, “Where there is tea, there is hope!”







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