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A Noha and Aweel majlis was held at Badri High School on 18th August 2017 at 10 am.

At 9:45 am Amil Saheb of Al Mohalatul Burhaniyah Janab Shabbir Bhai sahib accompanied by Abnaul Jamea stepped into BHS greeted by the cries of Ya Husain by the Pre primary and Primary students who stood in lines to greet him.

Zakereen of the school and students led Janab to Qaatul Quran in a procession where the room was packed with students of classes 5-10 who were performing pur josh matam. The majlis began with the students reciting Surat u Shams, Surat ul Iklaas, Surat u Naas and Surat ul Falaq in unison with Tarteel and Tajweed.










As the majlis progressed, the students wept copiously at the heart wrenching Marasiya of Imam Husain AS. The Principal of Badri High School Shaikh Hashim bhai Saifuddin led the students to pledge that they would attend all Ashara Majalis by coming before time and by performing Noha and Aweel as per the Rida of Maula TUS. They pledged to bring their parents and family members with them too.





Janab Amil Saheb asked any student to volunteer to recite the shahadat of Maulana Abbas AS and Qusai Amir of class 8 recited the shahdat with such detail and in such a moving manner that there was not a single dry eye and the sound of wailing resounded in the entire building.

At the end Aali Qadr Mufaddal Maula’s TUS priceless bayan was heard and the students performed matam in circles. Janab Amil Saheb, Ben Saheba as well as Jamea Asatiza and Talabat Talebaat who attended the majlis appreciated the Ikhlaas and devotion of the students of BHS and were very impressed.

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دعوہ ھادیہ نا فرزندو, بدری ھائی اسکول کراچ نا فرزندو, اھما سی بعض حال ماج کربلاء معلی زیارت سی مشرف تھئی نے آیا, تمام حسینی مھمانو
برھانی مھمانو, پنجتنی مھمانو چھے.
انمیں جومسن ھے, وہ پیمبر کے ھیں مھمان
اور جو متوسط ھے, وہ حیدر کے ھیں مھمان
جو تازہ جواں ھے, علی اکبر کے ھیں مھمان
شیعوں کے پسر, سب علی اصغر کے ھیں مھمان
سب خورد و کلاں عاشق شاہ مدنی ھے
پانچ انگلیوں کی طرح یہ سب پنجتنی ھے
تمام طلباء طالبات, اسٹاف, زعیم المدرسہ بدری ھائی اسکول نے نوح و عویل مجلس نو عظیم شرف مبارک.
بارک اللہ فیکم اجمعین.
مولی مولی مفضل مولی

رَّبَّنَا إِنَّنَا سَمِعْنَا مُنَادِيًا يُنَادِي لِلْإِيمَانِ أَنْ آمِنُوا بِرَبِّكُمْ فَآمَنَّا ۚ رَبَّنَا فَاغْفِرْ لَنَا ذُنُوبَنَا وَكَفِّرْ عَنَّا سَيِّئَاتِنَا وَتَوَفَّنَا مَعَ الْأَبْرَارِ
لبيك يا حسين لبيك يا داعي الله

Subhanallah ! Continues hard work and dedication of the team will surely lead to successful and bright future of the youth.

Mashallah! Good work Janab Sh. Hashim Bhai. Aap ni sa’ye c farzando aa misal mustawa buland thai rahyo che. Khuda moula tus na saya ma sagla ne hifazat ma rakhe ameen.

The Noha Aweel  majlis at Badri High school was unforgettable. The sound of cry is still alive in my ears which reminds me of karbala, where children must have cried for thirst and losing their loved ones. I have no words to express my feelings but only feel proud to be the part of this institution where souls are truly being treated.

Mashallah! Being a parents we are happy to see our children are going in a right direction to get both deeni and dunyawi education in one plate form and its all credit goes to the Badri School management and the dedicated staff who give their best to brighten our shinning stars.

Its very nice achievements no doubt due to Dua Mubarak if Aqua Mula thus and strong efforts of all nominated Management Board and strong Administrator. God may bless all if you with blessing of Aqua Mula thus.
One more request pl remember also Aynuljamaat and Madielh Kiram for. Looking yours progress with hoping to gate any kind of cooperation from them with created them as a part f yours School for more better achievements INSHALLA. Rgds
Atus Imran ALi Sabir

Hamain fakar mhesos kariyey chey k hamara farzand bhs ma talim hasil kari riha chey. Huzur ala (tus) na farmaan mutabiq noha wal awil kari ney mota tha sey to hamney yaqin chey k hamara farzando ma hamari ankh thandi tha sey Inshallah

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