MAARAZ ON ‘MOMIN NU GHAR’-Project Based Learning

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In the month of Rabi ul Akhir, Milaad celebration is one of the precious and awaited events. It is accompanied with excitement and happiness on the faces of every single mumin. As soon as Milaad approaches, munineen begin an energetic spree of preparations.
On the auspicious occasion of Milaad Darajah Sadesa of BHS made a wonderful maaraz on Mumin nu Ghar, and expressed their love and devotion for Aqa Maula TUS. This maraz has become their great achievement and also an inspiration for all other students.
The maraz was divided into three groups. The first group had made a model of a house which has no nazafat and taharat and their living standard is not as per Aqa Maula’s TUS desire.
The second group had prepared a model of a mumin’s house where the mumin has upgraded and nurtured himself as per the khushi Mubarak of Maula TUS. They are living their life in spirituality and faith has engulfed all aspects of life.
The third group had designed charts which described the disadvantages of consuming moharramat and also the reason behind its prohibition in Islam. They also tried to focus on the use of Indian toilets which is considered to be key in maintaining taharat and elaborated its scientifically proven health benefits.
May Allah grant these children the vigour to work on such projects with enthusiasm to attain the happiness of Maulana TUS and grant our Maula Aali Qadar Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS a long, healthy and prosperous life till the day of Judgement


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