Little Scientists

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Children learn best when they’re involved in the learning. Hands-on science encourages children to observe and ask questions, touch and smell, explore and experiment. A learning experience will become more meaningful if it gives children the chance to make discoveries on their own.

Being ‘scientists’ allowed the Montessori Seniors to ask the why, how, and what questions. Even better, they found the answers to the questions themselves and learned the scientific process along the way!

Cleaning a Coin:

Which solution is most effective to clean a copper coin?
pjimage 24
Looking for Fossils:

How does a paleontologist look for fossils?
pjimage 23
Blowing Balloons: 

What happens when baking soda meets vinegar?
pjimage 21
Magnetic Maze:

How can you make the paper clip reach the bag without touching it?
pjimage 25
Sink & Float:

Find out for yourself which objects sink in water and which objects float.
pjimage 26
They may have been ‘scientists’ today, but they have become explorers for life.

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