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“Is there anyone so wise as to learn by the experience of others?”–Voltaire

One learns not just from books but from the lives of great people.   True education is one that teaches an individual to treat each day as a learning experience, to observe the world closely and glean lessons from the lives of others.

This is the reason why Badri High School invites the learned and accomplished members of the Dawoodi Bohra community to come and share their inspiring life experiences with the students here.

In the past a distinguished assortment of scholars, professionals, office bearers, social workers and students have been invited to give motivating talks to the senior students of BHS and the students have always been duly enraptured by the biographies of these living legends.

One such erudite member of the community visited the BHS premises on Monday, 8th October 2018. Shaikh Ghulam Abbas Cyclewala, one of the most experienced Chemical Engineers of Pakistan, consultant, businessman, educationist, spokesman, artist, traveler and philanthropist, recently published his riveting autobiography titled CHEMAGE: LEARN+EARN+RETURN. After Sh. Ghulam Abbas was welcomed in the assembly early Monday morning he was introduced by the Principal Janab Sh. Hashim bhai and later he met with the students of Class 9-10 in the Computer Lab.

In one hour, he shared the incredible journey of his thrilling life and the innumerable hurdles he had to overcome to attain the position he stands at today. The children were hanging onto each word as he told them about the struggles of his childhood and how perseverance pays off. He led the students through the highs and lows of his ambitious youth and inspired them to live their dreams. Through his eyes the children learnt about the Karachi of yore and its progress through the last several decades. He counseled them regarding their future and helped them devise a strategy to attain their goals, all the while advising them to the ambitious, focused and daring.

We are privileged to be part of a community where a great number of learned men are generous to share their experiences so that the youth may learn from the foibles and derive inspiration from their accomplishments.




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