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Traditionally, every year grade X of BHS is taken for a memorable journey to KUN ziyarat. Its not just a travelling experience but a holistic learning and personality building experience. This year’s group was special because there were two batches merged– one batch of 2021 that could not go because of the pandemic and this year’s batch of 2022. The group of 103 took off from the Jinnah International airport at 9:55 am on 20th January 2022 and reached the blessed land of Karbala at night.

As they say, travelling is the mother of all the erudition. Students practically with their teachers learned how to follow the Arkans of ziyarat. From namaz, behori, salam and majlis everything showcased how Muffadal Maula TUS has prepared these young souls. From atraaf ziyarta to hours in the Haram and Imamat namaz–the students did not waste a minute and reaped maximum benefit during every moment of these seven days. As a teacher I witnessed how these students became responsible, confident and managed time efficiently, many a times inspiring the adults.

Students had ample opportunities to recite Marasiyah, giving azaan in the blessed mosque Masjid e Azam bil Kufa and a Majlis that was held in the Shrine of Imam Hussain AS and Maulana Ali SA which was a dream come true. The group returned satiated and grateful in the early morning hours of Friday the 28th of January 2022, where they were greeted by teary-eyed parents who showered the pilgrims with rose petals.

A student at BHS anticipates this Kun safar right from the time he/she steps into the Secondary section. For each group every memory is cherished and authors an important and lifer altering chapter in their lives.

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