Juniors Celebrate Father’s Day

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Around the world, Father’s Day is celebrated on different days throughout the year. It is a celebration of the bonds of love and respect between father and son/daughter. BHS Juniors planned a grand program on Saturday, 3rd November 2018, to celebrate Father’s Day in school. Junior fathers were invited to come and spend a fun-filled hour with their children in the school ground.
The juniors could hardly contain their excitement as they walked in the class on Saturday morning. They all wanted to tell the teacher that their father was coming to school today!

At nine, fathers started to arrive and took their seats with their children. The program began with Tilawat beautifully recited by Ruqaiya Hussain from Junior A followed by Matam and wazifatushukr. Marsia was recited by a team of students from Junior B.

Fathers were then asked to estimate the number of sweets on the car, write their answer on a post-it and put it in the basket. There was surprise gift for the best answer.

It was then time for the Papa shoe race. Children stood at the starting line wearing their father’s shoes and waiting for the signal. It was an effort to run in the big shoes and the children struggled happily amid excited cheering by the fathers. The children’s level of excitement can be gauged from this comment by a little girl:
“Teacher, please call my mummy next time.I want to run in her heels also.”

After the race, each father and child team made a crown for each other while the music teacher entertained the gathering with lovely music. Each father-child duo had their photograph taken in the beautiful frame prepared especially for the event.

Gifts were given to winners of the Papa shoe race and Aliasghar Shk. Huzaifa’s father received the sweet-studded car for the closest guess.

Souvenirs help revive memories long after the event and the Junior fathers are always going to remember this day when they use the keychain lovingly presented to them by their children.
One four-year-old was so overwhelmed by the program that he commented:
“One day, I will also come as a father for the program in my big car.”

He seemed to be as enamoured by the ‘car’ theme as by the program in general!
As the program came to an end, fathers sipped a much-needed cup of coffee while listening to appreciative remarks by others.

Mothers and family members who watched the live streaming of the program appreciated the effort and felt as if they were a part of the program as well.

Thank you, fathers. You deserve equal credit for the success of BHS Juniors Father’s Day Program.

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4 replies on “Juniors Celebrate Father’s Day”

Excellent Fathers ne zarorat bhi che kids sathe time spend karwu.
Good for both child n father👏👏👏

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