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“Together we can give your child the roots to grow stronger and the wings to fly.”

 The Parent-Teacher-Student triangle works effectively when parents and teachers are working towards the same goal, with the same strategies.

A one-hour workshop for the parents of Class 9-10 was arranged at BHS on Friday, 27th April 2018 from 8:30 to 9:30 am. Sir Sadiq Merchant, who is a renowned educationist and trainer with a teaching experience of nearly 30 years, was invited to speak to the parents.

It was heartening to see an overwhelming  98% attendance of parents-fathers and mothers both– who thronged into the Hifz ul Quran room.

Sir Sadiq, in his engaging and eloquent style, spoke about how parenting is a full-time job and how every child needs a separate formula to be raised as he is a unique individual. He categorized parents into four genres and the traits they possess along with the outcomes of possessing such parenting traits.

In class 9-10 students find themselves at the threshold of their careers and this is the time they are also bombarded with physical and mental changes. This is also the stage they need the maximum support of the parents and teachers. He explained how teens need attention and bonding time.

Sir also spoke to the Class 10 students about not getting carried away by peer pressure and distracted by social media. He guided the parents to help them create a time table for all members of the family and spoke about having the correct eating habits for children.

He ended on how it is important to trust the school and its policies and work hand in hand to ensure the success of the children. The parents walked away effusively thanking Sir Sadiq and the school administration who had personally called each parent to confirm their attendance. They hoped this would be a turning point in their relationship with their children and that the school would continue to hold such sessions involving parents.

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