Great Poets Celebrated at the Winter Poetry Festival

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Over 60 students participated in the Winter Poetry Festival held at Badri High School this Friday morning. The early winter chill heightened the electrifying atmosphere as the students of Class 9 and 10 introduced the Secondary section pupils to classic English language literary giants like Wordsworth, Frost, Shakespeare, Poe, Tennyson, Keats as well as orators like Martin Luther King and contemporary writers like Maya Angelou and Dorothy Parker.

Each poet was introduced and the students also threw light upon the inspiration or muse behind that particular piece of poetry or prose. This was followed by an expressive rendering of the poet’s work. It was mesmerizing to behold young students bring to life masterpieces like Keats ‘Endymion’, Service’s thought provoking ‘A Grain of Sand’ and Tennyson’s ‘All Things must Die.’

The English elocution was followed by the Urdu elocution rendered by the young orators of class 6, 7 and 8. The poetry selected by the students was a delightful blend of philosophy and humour. The English and Urdu language teachers had spent weeks helping the students select the right piece and then training them.

The audience was enthralled and the two hours sped by. The event was judged by the Head of the Montessori Section Ms. Tasneem Hashim as well as Ms. Habiba, a senior Urdu teacher of the Primary Section.

The highlight of the event was the surprise presence of Janab Naeem Bhai Sahib who was able to hear a few of the students reciting poetry and was impressed with their flair and confidence.

Certificates were awarded to the jubilant winners by Janab Naeem Bhaisaheb and Shaikh Hashim bhai, Principal of BHS. The students walked away with pride at their achievement, the experience of a lifetime, the life-long skill of oration and love for languages.

English Elocution Results

Winners in the Poetry Category



Sarah Shabbir-Class XA First
Maria Sh. Mansoor-IX B First
Fatema Najmuddin-IX A Second
Tahera Abbas-XA Second
Maria Quaid Johar-IXA Second
Husain Moiz-XA Second
Zahra Aunali-IXA Third
Radiya Zohair-IXB Third
Husain Feroz-XA Third


Winners in the Prose Category


Umme Kulsoom Miqdad-XA First
Zahabiya Zoaib-XA Second
Husain Yunus-XB Third
Umema Abbas-IXA Third
Sakina Shujauddin-IXB Third
Aliasghar Aunali-XA Third

Urdu Elocution results




First Position

Second Position


Alifiya Talib Fatema Talib


Husaina Abbas Mustansir Mustafa


Shehre Banu Hasnain Abbas Mustafa


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