Field trip to the State Bank Museum

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The students of Class 7 and 10 (General Group) enjoyed the winter chill as they left for a field trip to the State Bank Museum on Tuesday 21st November 2017 after a grueling spree of monthly tests.

Located in a stately building on I I Chundrigar Road, the students accompanied by their Social Studies and Economics teachers saw the history of coins, paper currency and stamps as well as the first ATM machine. They were amazed by exclusive historic items on exhibit like the first portrait of Quaid e Azam on paper money, the first published notes and Quaid e Azam’s expense and accounts ledger. The students learnt about the function of economy starting from the barter system. They were shown how a sorting and counting machines operate and also viewed interesting documentaries on coin minting in Pakistan. In the end they were refreshed by a vibrant display of Sadeqain’s paintings.

It was a memorable learning experience and proved to be quality time spent with teachers and peers.


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6 replies on “Field trip to the State Bank Museum”

Seems a Great Trip for Badrians
All Educational excursions enhance children’s greater understanding & knowledge of how things works actually.

Never knew that SBP has such a valuable Museum.
It is not only history of the currency but indeed a rich history of our own country.
We can only be proud of our country if we are aware and educated of this history.
This excursion was indeed quite valuable rich experience and such programs should be done frequently and shared with all.

Good initiative. It’s advisable to follow up such visits by putting questions in final exam as a General Knowledge to test I. Q. of your Students or by asking them to write an Essay or Note immediately after the visit.

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