Dr. Saulat Fatimi motivates students to follow their dream

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Mondays are always significant because they bring with it an entire week to look forward to. This particular Monday, which marked the beginning of the month of December 2019, was an especially remarkable one as it gave BHS an opportunity to honour one of the top Cardiothoracic surgeons of the country.

Dr. Saulat Hasnain Fatimi is one of the top tier and busiest Cardiothoracic surgeons in the country. With decades of service to the cause of humanity in the field of healthcare, he specializes in complex open heart surgeries, minimally invasive thoracic surgeries and Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery.

With over 150 published pieces in peer reviewed journals and 300 abstracts, Dr. Saulat serves on multiple national and international scientific advisory boards. Needless to say he is a source of inspiration and pride for the community and country.

Dr. Fatemi was given a Guard of Honour by the school band and attended the invigorating morning assembly. The students who read the news in the assembly welcomed him and offered him a fragrant bouquet. After a light breakfast he was taken to the computer lab where he addressed the class 9-10 students who have opted for Biology and aspire to become doctors.

He candidly spoke to the students about his interesting life journey and his childhood dream to become a heart surgeon.  The story of his humble beginnings and his fire to achieve his goal inspired the students immensely. “Passion is what makes you stand out! Don’t let anybody tell you that something is impossible! Be an Olympian!” His words of wisdom fueled the passion in the student’s hearts. “I see a spark in their eyes,” the doctor commented as he looked at his audience. His rousing speech ended with a standing ovation.

The sessions ended with a Q/A and a prized group photograph with the good doctor under the BHS logo. With such a precious resource of professionals in the community, BHS wishes to expose these ambitious children to people who can be their mentors.

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