Diamond Jubilee Sports Fest 2019 Helps Athletes Shine

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It was a breezy morning on Friday, the 11th of January, 2019. Khaimat-ur-Riazat stood picturesque amongst the hustle and bustle of Badrians entering the ground with the warmth of enthusiasm and fervor of motivation. The radiant smiles on their faces conveyed their anticipation of a thrilled and elated Sports Fest. Representatives of Blue, Green, Yellow and Red houses settled down in the audience camp as directed by the House Captains waiting impatiently for the Diamond Jubilee Sports Fest 2019 to commence. The canvas of BHS emerged as kaleidoscopic.

This year, the Sports Fest was themed around a diamond as we celebrated the 75th Milaad Mubarak of Syedna Aali Qadr Muffaddal Saifuddin T.U.S.

The day began with the recitation of verses from Al Quran by Hussain Shk Huzaifa Motiwala, a student of Class X, followed by Marasi of Imam Hussain A.S. rendered by BHS Zakireen. The air then filled with mellow and honeyed voices of BHS Zakireen when they rendered a Madeh, commemorating the breeze of Rabee. The Wazifat-us-Shukar and National Anthem were recited, after which our Chief Guest, Janab Naeem BhaiSaheb, declared the games open. Janab Juzer BhaiSaheb Amil Saheb of Karachi and Janab Shabbir BhaiSaheb Imadi also graced the occasion with their valuable presence as Chief guests.

It was a splendid spectacle watching the Head Boy, Adnan Zahid, taking oath along with the four house captains, after which the games started. The game opener was the PT Display of the Pre Primary Section, where the tiny glittering diamonds shone with brilliant focus and concentration. It was a fantastic sight watching little Badrians swaying their colourful pompoms in air. The children demonstrated commendable discipline as they had been practicing for two months in the morning assembly.

The Students of Primary Section also astounded the audience with the formation of flowers as a Tehniyat for the Diamond Jubilee Milad. Following this, students of Classes IV and V performed a drill which was concluded as the formation of BHS, which left the audience flabbergasted.

Races of Pre Primary Section started as soon as the drill and the formation ended. The little children jolted the audience with their verve and determination to finish the task and reach the finish line. Primary races were the next. The races were chosen so as to test the students on a variety of skills. Races such as the obstacle race and the blockage race tested the runners on their team playing skills and co-operation while as sprints evaluated the runners` speed and agility. Balancing race and body bridge formation were also a visual treat.

Secondary races started with the shuttle race which was meant to check the team work of the runners along with their agility and speed, which was followed by the stack race, the jumping leap and the all famous wheel barrow race. The commentators Fatima Najmuddin, Zahra Aun Ali, and Zahabya Najmi, belonging to Class X, kept motivating the participants and updating the audience about the happenings of the field. The runners of the Secondary Section ran in a 100 M sprint race. Tug of war was the final event in which four houses competed. The final round was played between Red house and Green house. The Red house defended the house cup this year too as they won by 169 points while Blue was declared to be the runner up with a difference of just one point. They stood on 168. The Diamond Jubilee Sports Fest 2019 ended amongst the cheers of victory. May this spirit of sportsmanship and healthy competition prevail for ages and ages under the luminous leadership of Syedna Aali Qadar Muffaddal Saifuddin T.U.S. Ameen

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One reply on “Diamond Jubilee Sports Fest 2019 Helps Athletes Shine”

I really appreciate the efforts made by the management of Badri High School in promoting sports in the youth of our community. As per the Irshad-e-Muneer of our beloved Aqa Aali Qadar Moula (TUS) the students of BHS are actively taking part in all these extra curricular activities with a lot of enthusiasm. Engagement of our young generation in all such activities will not only keep them healthy and fit but will protect them from the bad habits of drug abuse, bad company and other prevailing social ills we are facing now-a-days. I, as parent, would humbly request all the other parents to encourage their children to take active part in these activities because this gesture of us will be a reflection of our appreciation to the school management / event organizers and would be a source of motivation for them to organize bigger events.

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