Training teachers for Project Based Learning

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A weekend well spent brings ahead a week of content.
Being teachers, all of us, look forward to the weekend. These days are significant for teachers because they help them gear up for the challenges that are in store for the upcoming week. Here, at BHS, the teachers envisage the vitality of professional development above anything else. Intrinsically motivated, they were jubilant to converge on a Saturday morning, dated 27th of January for a workshop entitled “Project Based Learning- Facilitating autonomous learning”, which was conducted by the BHS Project Based Learning team, which comprises of four teachers, trained formerly in this contemporary emerging pedagogy.
Participants were piqued when they set their feet in the Hifz room. Each one was excited to discover the innards of the PBL package, the team was ready to offer, as the workshop was publicized in an appealing way with the help of flyers, posters, and a video message.
At the onset of the workshop, the visionary Principal of BHS, Janab Shk. Hashim Bhai Saifuddin, intoned the Imani perspective of teaching and learning which served as a catalyst for the rest of the learning process. Participants of the workshop were briefed about the theoretical content that gave birth to the pedagogy. Theories such as Maslow`s Hierarchy of needs and Individual differences were assimilated.
Use of online tools in the classroom and its consequences were discussed and practically demonstrated in the workshop. The participants of the workshop were acquainted with various new strategies such as Socratic Circle and Think-Pair-Share during the course of the three hour workshop. Design thinking was also discussed and displayed.
Albert Einstein declared experience to be the only source of gaining knowledge. Subsequent to the thought, PBL team led the participants hitch the roller coaster of events that took them to the preparation of a board game. The objective was to create a board game that is interactive and mesmeric. Every group had to prepare a prototype for their idea and present it. Each game was supposed to be designed with a USP- Unique Selling Point.
The rendition part of the prototype board game was enjoyed by everyone. At the end, the participants were rigorously thanked by the team. Certificates for attending the workshop were given. The conductors of the workshop, Miss Zenab Mohammad, Mr. Ibrahim Shabbir, Miss Rashida Adnan, and Miss Rashida Mohammad, were also awarded with certificates and appraisal in terms of persuasive remarks from the colleagues.

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