BHS Senior Students pay a Memorable Visit to Hala

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73 students of class 9 and 10, accompanied by 5 teachers of the Secondary Section, visited Hala, Sindh on 7th September 2017 and returned with the memories of a lifetime. The trip is planned every year to give them first-hand knowledge about the topics of Ajrak, Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai and cottage industries which they have learnt about in Pakistan Studies, Sindhi and English.

The students assembled at Husami Masjid where they offered Fajar namaz with Imamat and then set off in their road liner at 6 am. They stopped at Nooriabad for a hearty breakfast of parathas and fresh eggs and then reached Hala by noon.

Hala is a city and taluka of Matiari district of Sindh. It homes the mausoleum of Makhdum Nuh, a Suhrawardi Pir due to which it attracts pilgrims. It is renowned for its handicrafts like Ajrak, Soosi, Khadi, Jhandi and Kashi.

The students were first taken to the pottery makers where they saw clay being fashioned into exotic pottery. Some students tried their hand at the potter’s wheel. The artisans showed them the furnaces where the pottery is baked and the colours used to beautify their work.

The next stop was the cottage textile industry where the students were treated to the sight of Khaadi cloth being woven from loom machines. The small two-room factory was manned by four workers operating 8 machines.

There was a stop for Zohar namaz at the Hala Masjid and they were off to the famed Hala Marketplace. Despite the sweltering heat the students were excited to buy from the twenty odd shops which lined the road and bought ajrak stoles, bedsheets, khaddar suits and accessories embellished with stones and beads. Boond-a traditional hard sweetmeat of Interior Sindh as well as Rabri was thoroughly enjoyed here. Many students purchased items for their homes and family members which were later received enthusiastically by their parents when they returned home.

A late lunch was relished at the New Gulshan Restaurant where the tinned food the teachers had carried with them was heated and relished with fresh piping hot rotis and chilled drinks.

By 5 o clock the students reached the Ajrak Factory at Bhit Shah. This is the town where the shrine of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, patron saint of Sindh, is located. At the factory they were fascinated by the blockprint work which was done by the skilled workers.

Maghreb prayers were offered at a masjid at a roadside petrol pump near the Hyderabad toll plaza and finally the students returned to Karachi later that night.

During the day trip the students learnt life-long lessons of independence yet the compassion to share with and care for each other. They learnt to take decisions and exercise discipline outside the school environment. They conducted themselves confidently before strangers and most of all, strengthened their bond with their peers and teachers.

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3 replies on “BHS Senior Students pay a Memorable Visit to Hala”

This type of visit is gives student a knowledge and recreation khadI industry was the begging of textile industry. For next visit may I propose to visit taha and makli.

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