Badri High School Pre-Primary Sports Day 2022

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On Friday, 11th February 2022, the Pre-primary children presented a unique sports event in the Jamea ground. The theme of the event was taken from Kalemaat Nooraniyah:

چھو unique  تمیں

It was a display of what makes us unique as a community; like Faiz-ul-Mawaid-il Burhaniyyah, libas-ul-anwer, Qarzan hasana, saying Bismillah on fish and 100% vaccination. An example of how the children displayed these concepts is the Ashara Ohbat race. The children ran with their small Ashara backpacks striving to reach the majlis before time. In the Hifz Amma Sanad race, the children crossed stages in hifz by collecting stars until they finally reached their destination.

The children also displayed their unique abilities as they proudly flaunted their ‘I am Badrian, I am Unique’ costumes. The spectacular P.T. drills were a showcase of their discipline, teamwork and physical development through synchronized movements with the music and drumbeat.

The most remarkable segments of the event were the Playgroup Obstacle Path and Unplugged Coding by Seniors. An obstacle track was created with tires, rings, cones, tables and chairs. The children were expected to walk, jump, balance, turn somersaults and pass from under the table on all fours. It was a delight to watch the little two-year-olds overcome the obstacles with confidence just like our love for our Maula TUS helps us overcome all obstacles in life.

The unplugged coding was created on a huge grid and the coders followed a set of commands to make a square and a diamond on the grid. The coders exhibited their critical thinking skills as they physically demonstrated how coding and programming through a computer works. When instructions are followed perfectly, the results are incredible, just as when we follow Aqa Maula’s farmaan, we receive incredible returns, here and in the hereafter.

In keeping with the theme of ‘unique’, the program started with tilawat by the nine Amma sanad holders of Juniors and Seniors and the entire Dua was led by the Juniors. The national anthem was played by the grade IV flute band which comprised of boys and girls. Both the fact that they are very young children and that the band includes girls is a first-time occurrence. It was a uniquely sublime experience to listen to the sweetly played anthem by the young flute band.

The event ended with the medal-giving ceremony to the winners of the races.

We thank Janab Amil-saheb-Al-mohallat-ul- Burhaniyah, Mustansir Bhaisahab and Baisahaba for gracing the event with their presence. We also thank Janab Adam Bhaisahab and Baisaheba who are our esteemed parents as well.

Physical education is an important part of the holistic development of the child. Rapid growth and development take place in the early years and it is vital that children are provided with a suitable environment. Opportunities to flex their physical and mental muscles through competition and collaboration allow children to thrive.

May our children flourish under the benevolent shade of Aqa Maula TUS.

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