BHS pays Homage to Huffaz

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Success is the result of perfection, hard work, loyalty, and persistence.

On the 26th of January 2018, BHS honoured four students who have achieved a dream each young student of this generation yearns to attain—it is the hifz of Quran e Majeed. These four, young achievers worked day and night under the guidance of their teachers and mentors and their dedication finally bore fruit.
From Saifiyah Girls School Zainab Moiz bhai and Mubaraka Abbas from Class 8 and from MSB Haidery, Ibrahim Mohammed bhai from class 7 and Taha Mohammed Bhai from class 5, at a tender age of 11, became Hafiz ul Quran and made their schools and families proud.
The principals and khidmat guzars of these institutes attended this ceremony and addressed the young students of BHS. These esteemed guests were accorded a guard of honor and presented with tokens.
The growing number of huffaz is certainly an inspiration for all youngsters as they have proved that school-going children can also achieve this goal. It is a tradition at BHS to pay tribute to these young achievers as well as their schools, as Badri High School has been a front runner in this ambition of producing huffaz.
These young souls have gained success and recognition and have been rewarded with pride and fulfillment, but the greatest thing they have achieved is the happiness of our Maula Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS and that is every momin’s ultimate goal. May the city of Karachi continue to produce Huffaz and make Aali Qadr Maula TUS proud.

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6 replies on “BHS pays Homage to Huffaz”

لا فاقةَ لِعبدٍ حَفَظَ القرآن
بدري ھائي اسكول نا حٌفّاظ نئ حفظ القرآن ني عظيم سعادة مبارك
بارك الله فيكم اجمعين
برهتا رهو اگاري ، شاباش بَدرِيَن
الله ني چهى ياري ، شاباش بَدرِيَن

Hifzul Qura’an by 4 students from ur school is really a remarkable achievement by your school, and reflects your school’s staff dedication towards the overall development of their students,May Allah sabhanahu grant all possible strength to all huffaz to perform their khidmat under the nobel guidance from our beloved Aqa Moula ( TUS).


May Allah give us courage to achieve Moula Happiness by getting Hifz of Quran Majeed.

Long Live AQA MOULA (T.U.S).

Appreciate karwu ghani mohti himmat che ane motivation che bisra na liye.
BHS as always 👍

القران افضل من كل شئي دون الله
جه حساب سيي بدري هائي اسكول، سي فرزندو قران مجيد حفظ كري رهيا چھے، تو وہ دن دور نتہی کہ ھر گھر ما اک حافظ هوے، جہ کہ مولی ني دلي اميد چہے امین

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