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At BHS we strongly believe in providing equal physical fitness opportunities to both boys and girls. Regular physical exercise is vital for the well-being of a girl’s body, mind, and spirit. Unfortunately, in our part of the world girls in their teens get limited opportunities to play in team sports especially after Secondary School and college. It is the school’s responsibility to provide the girls such opportunities to build stamina and sportsmanship and this responsibility we take quite seriously.

Sports like throw ball incorporates working with coaches and teammates to win games and meet goals which is great practice for success later in life. Being a team player can make it easier to work with others and solve problems, whether on the field or in your personal and professional life.

On Thursday 10th May 2018, Badri High School invited Bahria Foundation College and Ladybird School for a friendly throw ball match. After a tour of the school premises the teams were taken to the Al Jamea tus Saifiyah, Sports Ground, Khaimat ur Riyazat.

Each match comprised of two rounds of 10 points each. The first match was played between BHS and Ladybird which BHS won effortlessly in straight games. The second was played between BHS and Bahria which was more of a nail-biting contest but in that too BHS came out victorious.

The team of BHS ten girls exhibited great coordination and focus and impressed their peers with their skills. The visiting school thanked the BHS sports staff for their invitation and looked forward to more such events in future.

When one of the BHS players was asked about her experience today she said, “I learnt that playing sports can give you confidence, help you deal with pressure and lift your mood. Plus, it’s great to be part of a team who support you both on and off the field.”

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