Badrians Bring Home the Schoolathon Trophy

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The announcement, ‘And the Schoolathon trophy for boys goes to Badri High School!’ is still ringing in my ears. What a moment it was! What a feeling! Every heart associated with Badri High School swelled with pride at this amazing victory. Our boys had done it again, right on the heels of a major victory at the Dodge ball Asian Games in Hong Kong.

Schoolathon was an initiative taken by Al-Nad-il-Burhani and Shabab-e-Eid-i-Zahabi to bring together the seven Imani schools of Karachi by providing them a platform for learning, developing and exercising important skills through games and sports. What better way to learn to be a team player than through cricket? What better way to learn to exercise hand-eye coordination along with logical and spatial skills than through archery? What better way to build stamina than through running? What better way to learn to accept loss graciously and victory with empathy than through games and sports? Our students proved they are fighters and more than ready to learn the lessons that these games have taught them.

Seven schools participated in the Schoolathon:

  1. Badri High School
  2. Hakimi School
  3. Husamiyah School
  4. MSB Haidery
  5. MSB Shabbirabad
  6. Saifiyah Girls
  7. Saifiyah Boys

Forty Five boys and fifty girls from BHS participated in seven events altogether:

  1. Athletics
  2. Throwball
  3. Futsal
  4. Volleyball
  5. Cricket
  6. Archery
  7. Table tennis

We won 11 shields, 38 gold medals, 13 silver medals and 5 bronze medals altogether. Hussain Murtaza Gohar was declared the best player of the tournament.

The Badri Band played a vital part in creating an atmosphere at the event. Their music was uplifting and motivating and encouraged the players to give their best. The Clapping Display and the Ribbon Flow Display by our students at the closing ceremony was unique and striking.

We aim to gain the Khushi Mubarak of Aqa Maula TUS by following His Farmaan Mubarak for taking steps to being physically and mentally fit and healthy. Our sports teachers, Ms. Mehwish and Sir Tajammul have worked tirelessly behind the scenes and their efforts have taken us to victory.

Three cheers for all our heroes! Like they chanted at the games-MashaAllah, mashaAllah!


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