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Badrian School Day at the Beach!

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Have you ever imagine reading and learning at the Beach?

Wow! It’s interesting to hear.

Primary Section of BHS on the Occasion of 78th Milad Mubarak , Friday  26th November 2021, had the opportunity to experience this day at the Manora Beach. HIfz section accompanied us.

Filled with excitement, all the students and teachers boarded in the buses at 08:00am and reached Manora Beach at 09:30 am. Teachers accompanied with their kids went to their respective huts to keep their bags. After that students gathered for Assembly, they recited Tilawat ul Quran, Tasbeeh of Panjatan Pak A.S, Matam of Imam Husssain A.S, Wazifatu Shukur followed by National anthem on the Rhythm of the waves. We missed the band team. Brain gym exercises were done. Teacher took the students in classes J (hut), where fun filled learning activities were waiting for them.

 “1, 2, 3, 4 walk at the sea shore”. According to each class time slots, students holding the rope went to walk near the waves with class teachers and dinyat staff.

Activities done by all classes were:

Class 1A/B “lafzo ki talaash” and “fill the bucket”

            Class 2A Squad the differences listening and speaking.

            Class 2B Blow the bubbles and catch the fish.

            Class 3A/B Finding in nature living and non- living things.

            Class 4A Beach Tambola.

            Class 4B Treasure hunt on Pirates theme.

After activity they enjoyed the lunch and sat in the buses to return to school. There was no sign of tiredness on anyone’s face, although they were asking can we make BHS on Beach? Really! Sounds different.

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