Badri presents at the 35th International SPELT Conference

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“The personality of a teacher is more important than what he teaches”

If one wishes to meet a super hero in reality, one should look for a teacher as teachers not only burns the candle on both sides for sculpting the future of generations but also bears the responsibility of keeping herself abreast of the current educational practices. Teaching and learning are two sides of the same coin.

In order to learn and update one`s teaching self, a teacher seeks continuous professional development, which not only helps a teacher to improve his/her teaching methods, but also provides a platform to identify talents and skills. All over Pakistan, there are numerous organizations which are working to provide a professional forum to teachers of the country by training them and educating them.

One such prestigious organization is SPELT (Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers), a registered organization of English Language Teachers from schools, colleges and Universities. Formed in 1984, in Karachi, with a vision to improve the standard of English Language teaching nationally, conducts innumerable workshops and training sessions for teachers throughout the year, all over the country. Annually, SPELT also organizes an International Conference with an aim to provide a platform to teachers, teacher trainers, speakers and researchers from all over the world to gather and share their best practices with the society.

Months before the actual conference, candidates from all over the world send an abstract of the best practice, they wish to share, which undergoes a process of approval from renowned educationists such as Professor Zakia Sarwar, Ms. Fauzia Shamim, Sir Abbas Hussain, Ms Rehmat Ebrahim, Professor Fatima Shahbuddin and others.

This year, in the SPELT 35th International Conference, at Iqra University,  two teachers from Badri High School were invited to conduct workshops. Ms Zenab Mohammad, an English Language teacher who heads the Project Based Learning Department, Computer Assisted Language Learning Dept. and BIRD (a teacher`s training and professional development body) conducted a workshop on Creating future leaders through Project Based Learning in the contemporary educational society. Accompanying her was Ms Rashida Mohammad, an ECD certified teacher & trainer, design thinking expert & In-charge of the outdoor play area presented on Design thinking process in teaching.

This year, the conference was themed on “innovations in ELT (English Language Teaching)”.  Both the sessions exhibited the practices of Badri High School in ELT.

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