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It is never late to earn a degree as learning has no age limit. All age groups are welcome for the act of learning.

The first place where a child starts learning is home. In the early age, children spend most of their time with parents and learn from them. As parents, we need to give our children the best childhood experience as that is the foundation on which their future will stand. Involving parents in the learning experience is also important due as learning does not start and end with the school hours; it is an ongoing process in a student’s life.

In Badri High School teachers and parents are working as a team for the holistic development and successful academic achievement of our children.

With the reopening of schools after the Covid pandemic, we have planned a series of workshops for parents of Montessori to help them gain better understanding of the developments in the early years and the problems that most parents face and recommended solutions.

The first session was held in the Hifz Room on topic “Healthy Kids Healthy Brains”. Ms. Rashida Mohammad talked about the importance of routine and its effects on the child’s growth and development. Miss Lubna Imran from the Abbot company talked about food and nutrition in the early years. She consolidated Ms. Rashida’s talk by emphasizing on the benefits of proper meal and sleep timings and the problems encountered when a proper meal and sleep routine is not followed. She shared information about the food groups and what should be included in a child’s diet and in what proportion.

We shared a very special healthy snacks recipe booklet with parents. What makes it special is the fact that they were all tried and true recipes shared by our parents which we collected through a google form. It was then painstakingly edited and compiled by Miss Fatema Feroz and Miss Fatema Mufaddal into a beautiful booklet.

The Hifz room was jam-packed with parents who participated enthusiastically. It was heartening to see so many parents take out precious time to attend the session. It gives us the boost we need to organize more sessions for parents. Our parents are lifelong learners!

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