Preparing the Youth for the World

A team of representatives from INJAZ Pakistan visited Badri High School on 28th October 2021 to give 90 minute sessions to students of class 8 on SCRATCH Programming. INJAZ Pakistan (founded 2012) is an initiative and part of JA (Junior Achievement) Worldwide & also a member of INJAZ al-Arab, a network of 14 MENA (Middle East & North Africa) nations with a common mission of preparing and inspiring the youth to succeed in the global economy.

The SCRATCH program is a graphical programming language, developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. SCRATCH is used in many schools around the world as part of the curriculum. Free to use, the tool is beneficial in allowing children to learn coding concepts and create interactive projects. Besides the fact that coding, is a skill set that students could use for a future career in a world that has a shortage of skilled coders and programmers, coding can help students in their other subjects too—it can help improve soft skills like perseverance & problem-solving that we educators emphasize. Coding is especially beneficial to students who are struggling with reading and math. In addition, students often feel empowered when they can create digital media and share it with others instead of just being consumers of digital media.

INJAZ partners with local as well as the international business community, corporate volunteers and educators to inspire and prepare young people to take on the challenges of the fast-changing world to be able to contribute to the global economy. The session was very engaging and the facilitators were very impressed with the enthusiasm and queries of the young coders.


Eliminating Hunger- Our Collective Goal

Education is synonymous with crafting solutions to problems we see around us. At Badri High School, we teach the students to play their part in resolving world issues, albeit at a micro level. After all, every individual has the power to make a difference. With this intention and in light of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin’s TUS intention to eliminate hunger, to commemorate World Food Day activities the students of class 10 at Badri High School collected non-perishable food items like wheat, sugar, tea, Tetrapak milk and biscuits from their younger peers belonging to class 5-9. They packaged these items in week-wise ration packs to distribute among the people at Anmol Zindagi shelter, North Nazimabad. This was part of the list of programs received by the Taleem office.

The girls of Grade 9-10 made home-cooked breakfast boxes with sandwiches and coupled it with a fruit which were then distributed by a team of boys from class 9-10 who visited the Anmol Zindagi shelter and gifted the rations and fresh breakfast to the homeless people on Thursday, 21st Oct 2021.

They spent time with Ms. Shagufta, the person incharge at the shelter, who was grateful for their generosity and for their sensitivity towards the hapless of the society.  


The New Academic Year 2020-21 Takes off Online

The lockdown has hit all of us hard and left us reeling. The education sector has been hit the hardest—schools were the first to close down and will be the last to open. Young learners stayed at home– away from their routine of attending school, deprived of learning in a conducive environment, craving to meet their peers and teachers.

As schools closed down in February 2020, Badri High School was one of the first schools to ensure that learning remained unabated as they launched themselves online with Zoom classes and assignments on Whatsapp.

BHS prepared results on the basis of the three Monthly tests and Midterm assessments and promoted the children. Those who were struggling were given online remedial classes which helped them enjoy individual attention in the presence of the parents. The results were astounding—the parent-teacher-child triangle connected beautifully and these young learners began to strengthen their basic concepts.

The months of April and May were spent in online meetings of the staff and core team at BHS to make an informed decision about which software to use to make the digital learning experience as fruitful for the students as possible. After research, experience and multiple trainings, MS Teams was selected as the perfect option to conduct classes, give assessments and assignments to be able to gauge the learning outcomes.

On 1st June 2020 classes for class 7, 8 and 9 began and the students were exhilarated to wear their uniforms again and see their peers and teachers online. The sigh of relief from the parents was audible as they saw their little ones do something productive. From 3rd June, Grade 10 joined the digital native team and from 4th June classes 5-6 were also online. Friday 5th June 2020 marked the day the orientation classes were conducted by the Preprimary and Primary section making the entire BHS learning system come alive on MS Teams.

No matter how long the schools may remain closed, we are ready to take every step possible to ensure that the students of BHS continue to relish the process of learning and imbibing knowledge every single day.


Dr. Saulat Fatimi motivates students to follow their dream

Mondays are always significant because they bring with it an entire week to look forward to. This particular Monday, which marked the beginning of the month of December 2019, was an especially remarkable one as it gave BHS an opportunity to honour one of the top Cardiothoracic surgeons of the country.

Dr. Saulat Hasnain Fatimi is one of the top tier and busiest Cardiothoracic surgeons in the country. With decades of service to the cause of humanity in the field of healthcare, he specializes in complex open heart surgeries, minimally invasive thoracic surgeries and Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery.

With over 150 published pieces in peer reviewed journals and 300 abstracts, Dr. Saulat serves on multiple national and international scientific advisory boards. Needless to say he is a source of inspiration and pride for the community and country.

Dr. Fatemi was given a Guard of Honour by the school band and attended the invigorating morning assembly. The students who read the news in the assembly welcomed him and offered him a fragrant bouquet. After a light breakfast he was taken to the computer lab where he addressed the class 9-10 students who have opted for Biology and aspire to become doctors.

He candidly spoke to the students about his interesting life journey and his childhood dream to become a heart surgeon.  The story of his humble beginnings and his fire to achieve his goal inspired the students immensely. “Passion is what makes you stand out! Don’t let anybody tell you that something is impossible! Be an Olympian!” His words of wisdom fueled the passion in the student’s hearts. “I see a spark in their eyes,” the doctor commented as he looked at his audience. His rousing speech ended with a standing ovation.

The sessions ended with a Q/A and a prized group photograph with the good doctor under the BHS logo. With such a precious resource of professionals in the community, BHS wishes to expose these ambitious children to people who can be their mentors.


Badri High School represents Pakistan at the Asian Dodgeball Championship

The 30th of October 2019 was a historic day in the chronicles of Badri High School as the four Dodgeball heroes who represented Pakistan in the Under 21 category at the Asian Dodgeball Championship in Hong Kong were welcomed back to school with much fanfare.

Cheers of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and ‘Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS Zindabad’ echoed in the air as the heroes held the Pakistan flags aloft as well as the trophy for being the third runner up in Asia.

The boys– Husain Gohar (Captain), Mohammed Quaid Johar (Vice Captain), Qusai Aamir and Hatim Huzaifa travelled to Hong Kong on 25th October 2019 and participated in the games hosted by Hong Kong for the ADC. The Asian Dodgeball Championship (ADC) is a World Dodgeball Association (WDA) and Asian Dodgeball Federation (ADF) sanctioned event.

On 26th October they were warmly received by the Hong Kong Head Moallim Sh. Hasnain bhai Kothari at 3 am at the airport who made sure that the FMB Thaali reached them on the week days. Janab Sh. Hasnain bhai was impressed by the topi they wore proudly on their heads and their humble demeanour and impeccable manners.

The Federation bus took them to the Hoi Fung Plaza where they rested for two hours and geared up to play their first international match against Australia on 26th October at 6 am at the Jockey Club. They played for 12 straight hours on a nominal breakfast ‘for the sake of the country’ as Mohammed commented.

On Sunday, 27th October, they were well rested to face five teams again.  They defeated Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan and Philippines to reach the Quarter Finals. They were finally defeated by Hong Kong in the Semi Finals to win the bronze.

On Sunday Night a grand Farewell Dinner was held by the ADC at Club One Peak, Kawloon. The boys saw sea food on the menu and controlled their growling tummies and came back to their rooms to eat Maggi and cans of Chicken Karahi they had taken from Karachi. “The menu had 12 dishes—all seafood,” said Husain Gohar glumly. “We had to make do with drinking 5 soft drinks each.”

The Prize Distribution left the boys with a feeling of indescribable pride and lasting friendships especially with the Australian Under 21 team who were very impressed that they were representing Pakistan at such a young age.

“We were so happy to see that the Aussies were so friendly and supported us and even chanted Pakistan Zindabad for us during the prize giving,” says Qusai Aamir. “One of the Australians, Brandon, told us that we all have a heart of gold and that we have the potential to become full-time professional players.” The BHS boys surely played their part as ambassadors of the country.

On Monday, 28th October when they were leaving from the Plaza they found a wallet under a seat in their bus with 60 thousand Hong Kong dollars and they immediately called the Asian Federation organizer and returned it. They were all set to board Qatar Airline QR610 but not before Janab Sh. Hasnain Bhai Kothari made them eat a much relished meal of Keema Chichri and Tomato soup of FMB. And once again their hearts said a silent prayer for Mufaddal Maula TUS.

What an enthralling journey it was! It perfectly showcased the vision and mission of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS that the students of the community should get the best possible fruits and opportunities of Deen and Duniya. This mission continues to be a beaconlight for Badri High School as it scales the heights of success.


Janab Saifuddin Bhaisaheb Inspires Everyone at BHS

Friday always brings with it showers of fragrant blessings and a sense of profound serenity. This Friday the 13th September of 2019 was the perfect beginning to the Islamic Year 1441 Hijri for the students and team at BHS as Al Haddul Anjab ul Asab Janab Saifuddin Bhaisaheb ibne Shazada Abbas Bhaisaheb Fakhruddin graced the school with his presence.

Bhaisaheb was accorded a guard of honour by the school band and student council as he entered the premises at 7:50 am sharp. He attended the entire Friday morning assembly and enjoyed a light breakfast here.

He then inspected the ground floor taking keen interest in the library and Montessori activity room as well as the Pre Primary assembly which was being held in the back ground. He proceeded to the Computer Room where he was shown a video of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin’s TUS visit to BHS in 2015. The philosophy around which BHS works was also shared in detail in the form of a presentation and an indepth report and plans of the STEM education department was revealed to him.

He then visited the Secondary Section on the first floor where the Line Following Robot and Game Development display was shown by the students who are going to participate in the EDVON Robotics Contest next week at the Expo Centre.

He was very happy to see the students using the Butterfly Science Kits in Class 6 where the teacher was teaching them Atom and Its Structure as a hands-on activity. He also observed the Deeniyat teaching strategy display and personally witnessed a PBL lesson plan being executed in Class 9 for English and in Class 10 for Physics.

He was then taken to the Primary Section on the top floor where he visited the spacious Hifz room, the enthralling Mind Math lesson in Class 3 as well the students using tablets to learn language through Literacy Planet in the digital room. Bhaisaheb looked into each aspect with careful deliberation and attention and questioned the students about various topics. His genuine interest in every display was a source of motivation and inspiration for all those he interacted with.

Two hours later on his departure, Janab Saifuddin Bhaisaheb was delighted to be gifted a framed picture of his visit in school as a keepsake which would remind him of the moments he spent here.


Together We Make Pakistan

The flutter of green and white; the kaleidoscope of stars and crescents was everywhere on campus on Friday the 16th of August 2019, as Badri High School celebrated the 73rd Independence day of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan with a two hour program at the beginning of the day.

In line with our dedication to ensure Muntalaqe Islami in everything we impart, and honouring the prized days of Ohbat ul Ashara, the Independence day festivities revolved around the precious words of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS. Aali Qadr Maula TUS, as he bid farewell to Karachi at the end of the recent visit in July 2019, revealed that the antidote to all the problems facing Pakistan lie in the remembrance of Imam Husain AS by all Pakistanis.

Thus, we began the day, as we do daily with the Recitation of Quran and the Matam and Buqa of Imam Husain AS.

We ensured our solidarity with the people of Kashmir by dedicating a poem to their plight. This was followed by melodious renditions of Iqbal’s ‘Lab Pai Aati Hai Dua’ and moving enactments on popular and soulful national songs. The central theme was the vibrant cultures of the provinces of Pakistan and how they come together as a mosaic to become the larger picture of Pakistan. Inspiring poems and impassioned speeches fueled the young students. The last item was a touching skit on terrorism and how the youth can play a role in combating this menace.

The event was further illuminated by the presence of our revered Chief Guest, Janab Sh Husain bhai Ezzi, Amil Saheb of Mohammadi Mohalla, who expressed his delight on being invited and urged the pupils of BHS to play a productive role in the progress of the country.



Interschool English Declamation Contest

In an Interschool English Declamation Contest hosted by Al Madrasa tus Saifiyah Tul Burhaniyah, Shabbirabad, featuring nine schools of Karachi, two out of three Badri High School participants bagged the second position in their respective age categories.

Grade 6 results:

1st: Zainab Jawaid (VACS Junior Campus)

2nd: Sakina Yousuf (Badri High School)

3rd: Husayn Zain (VACS Main Campus)

Grade 7 results:

1st: Abdeali Sadriwala (MSB Shabbirabad)

2nd: Hussaina Taher (Badri High School) and Khubaib Kamran (Sunbeams Grammar School)

Grade 8 results:

1st: Amena M. Amer (MSB Haidry)

2nd: Habiba Amer (Sunbeams Grammar School

3rd: Ayesha Alam (Dawood Public School)

Kudos to the winners. BHS is proud of its eloquent orators.



The girls of Class 6 of Badri High School were nearly jumping with excitement as they caught sight of the Mughal revival style palace by the sea. The façade of the local yellow Gizri and pink stone from Jodhpur brought to life the Anglo Mughal palaces of the Rajput of yore.

“Every girl dreams of palaces,” one of them retorted in glee.

The girls of class 6 visited the Mohatta Palace Museum on Friday 15th March 2019 and the boys did so on Tuesday19th March as part of their Social Studies chapter of ‘Visiting Public Places’. The field trip helped them learn about the historic world heritage site of Makli through the ‘Symphonies in Stone’ exhibit on display there.

Makli, one of six World Heritage Sites in Pakistan, is located in Thatta. Formerly a small settlement on the river Indus, it became the seat of government from the 14th to the 18th centuries for successive dynasties.

The students were enthralled by the stunning images of Makli including aerial views of the necropolis captured by photographers like Abdul Hamid Akhund and Aziz Soomro as well as the intricate delicate carvings and decoration Makli is known for across the world.

They were explained by the guide at the museum about the history of Makli and its tombstones and graves elaborately carved with geometric patterns and interlacing Arabic inscriptions. Many sculptural representations are also visible, horsemen with swords and spears, bows, arrows and daggers, foot soldiers, representation of turbans, materials of war and weapons are also distinct symbols indicating the graves of men. Ornaments or jewellery in high relief depict the graves of women.

The students sketched views of the breathtaking façade of the palace and enjoyed a light snack on the green turf. Many wrote reviews of their experience as well. Such visits to historic places are memorable escapades proving to be windows to the past and opening horizons for learning for their future as well.




This year in February 2019, Badri High School has created history.  It has become the first Pakistani school as well as the first Dawoodi Bohra institution to have two speakers chosen to speak at GESS DUBAI 2019 held at the World Trade Centre, Dubai.

The GESS Education Fair is a platform where academicians, researchers and educational stakeholders from the Middle East, Asia and European regions come together to share expertise, hold discussions as well as showcase products which may enrich the learning experience.

Professors, PhD’s, experts and academicians share their researches and experiences with other teachers and educationists. It’s fascinating to see qualified teachers become learners and share their academic expertise. Some enclosures where the talks are held  are so packed that attendees have to sit on the ground or even stand to hear the discourse.

Ms. Tasneem Sh. Hashim Marsiawala, Head of the Preprimary Section at Badri High School, and Ms. Rashida Adnan, Head of stem education at BHS  became the first Pakistanis and Dawoodi Bohras to be speakers at GESS DUBAI 2019.

On 27th and 28th February 2019, Ms. Tasneem spoke on ‘The How and Why of Getting them on Stage’ in the Furture Learning enclosure, while Ms. Rashida spoke in the exclusive Leadership Stream enclosure on ‘Teachers as Leaders’.

The event was heavily attended by educationists from over the globe as well as community members including Qasre Aali Sahebs, MSB delegations from all over the world as well as Taleem office and Idara officials.

Ms. Rashida Adnan reveals about her experience, “It was an overwhelming experience! As a teacher I always wished to represent my country and community at such a stage where so many educationists shared their teaching and learning to make the world better for the next generation and cater to their needs. I felt I was in the sky when someone came forward and asked if we were a school based in Dubai and when I told her that we were from Karachi she was shocked. This is a reaction I will remember for life.”


Ms. Tasneem Hashim shares, “From visitor to speaker at GESS Dubai, it was an exhilarating journey of learning & discovering, growth & progress. That moment for me manifest in itself all that Badri High School stands for and believes in: to uplift & upgrade, to inspire & motivate, and to encourage & support each and every being associated with it. Proud to be a part of this esteemed institution.”

Looking back, a small delegation of BHS visited GESS DUBAI two years ago where they were awestruck by the advancement educational technology has made.  Here they discovered ROBOTICS and they came back and did the impossible.  They made a highly expensive robotics program of STEM education through LEGO accessible to the students of Badri High School.  Today we are at a point where BHS is winning Interschool robotics contests.

Last year in February 2018 our delegation became bigger and they discovered Arduino which was again incorporated in the Secondary curriculum.  It was heartening to watch young teens enjoy the open source platform of Arduino programming.

May each year ahead be yet another feather in the BHS cap!




On a Winning Streak in Interschool Contests

“Men talk as if victory were something fortunate. Work is victory.”-Emerson

Interschool contests are an ideal opportunity for community school children to gain exposure to the outside world and experience true competition in challenging environments. It gives them an opportunity to find out where they stand and interact with peers belonging to different social circles.

This is the reason why at Badri High School we believe strongly in providing this valuable insight into the real world. On one hand students taste the fruit of competitiveness by participating in interschool events; on the other they feel the glory of representing their alma mater.

January was a month of glory and accolades. The second term began on a positive note as one of the nightingales of our school, Ammar Mustansir of Grade 10, represented BHS in the Happy Home School System Fest 2019 which celebrated 70 years of HHS.

In a series of competitions in the HHS Fest, one was Qirat ul Quraan held on 25th January 2019  in which 50 students participated which was judged by top Qaaris of the city. Ammar bagged the third spot in the contest and his teacher Janab Mulla Abdul Qadir Bhai was also lauded for his role in Ammar’s grooming. Ammar had earlier won the third position in the SSC Board Student’s Week Qirat Contest as well which was held in December 2018.

On 27th January, Saturday, Fatima Sh. Mansoor of Badri High School won the first prize in the Art Competition hosted by MSB, Haidery, in which the artist from 17 schools (72 artists) were given an opportunity to showcase their talent. The topic was ‘Fun Learning in School’ and the concept of her painting was appreciated by the judges as it was meaningful and classic. She tried to depict in a scrapbook form how activities in schools play a pivotal role in preparing you for challenges in your professional life and help unearth your potential.

As it is truly said, “The principles of true art is not to portray but to evoke.”

Such triumphs infuse confidence in these young, talented pupils and certainly, pave the way for their success in their future professional lives.



BHS represents Karachi in Dodgeball at Khairpur

The winter season proved to be an invigorating one this December as the students of class 8, 9 and 10 proved their mettle at Interschool sporting events.

The first major win came at the Quaid e Azam Sports Festival organized by NSTAPAK and the Sindh Dodgeball Association Council. The students tasted the flavor of the emerging game of dodgeball this year at the hands of a veteran dodgeball instructor in school and also attended workshops arranged by the organizing Committee of the National Dodegball Course at HEXIS College.

Finally, they were ready for the big league on 24th December 2018! The girls and boys teams from Badri High School went head-to-head with eight other teams from schools, clubs and colleges at the Dewa Academy campus. The girls team from Badri High School beat their rivals by playing brilliantly to win the first position. The organizers were astounded by the grace and confidence with which the girls played in their ridas. The boys team from BHS won the third position.

The boys of class 8,9 and 10 of BHS also emerged triumphant as they clashed with the boys of Saifiyah Boys High School on Monday 24th Dec in a friendly Futsal Match at the SBHS campus.

The cherry on top was when the boys and girls teams represented Karachi at Khairpur in the Sindh Dodgeball Competition where they clashed with teams from cities of Interior Sindh. They left for Khairpur on Friday 4th January 2019 and reached the historic city of Khairpur on Saturday morning. The athletes played deftly and both the teams emerged victorious on 5th January 2019 bagging teh provincial dodgeball champion title.

These experiences proved that our children excel in physical development and sports thanks to the encouragement received from schools due Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin’s TUS guidance to encourage physical fitness in the community, especially the youth.

All in all, the winter break was certainly a well-spent one and the students are back for the second term feeling fresh and invigorated!



The voices swept over the expanse of the auditorium…impassioned, confident, eloquent voices that echoed off the walls and moved hearts, touched souls, probed controversial topics and forced minds to ponder.

They were the voices of the youth of the community—young boys and girls belonging to the seven Imani schools of Karachi.

The Interschool Bilingual Declamation Contest organized by Badri High School on 17th November 2018 aimed to provide a platform to the seven community schools in Karachi to display the oratory skills of the youth and polish their abilities as communicators. Such skills are imperative to be successful in the spheres of our personal, professional and academic lives in this media-dominated, technological age.

The English Declamation with its 14 participants (2 from each participating school) was judged by Ms. Marya Nakhoda, who has excelled as a trainer and facilitator at the PACC and Mrs. Samina Godhrawala, an English language expert who has taught at Al Jamea tus Saifiyah, Karachi, for a decade.

The 14 Urdu participants were judged by Sh. Taha Jalebiwala, a renowned Urdu writer and columnist and editor of the magazine Raudat. He was accompanied by Sh. Shabbar Jamali, a renowned poet of the community who has penned popular Marasi and Madahe.

The audience boasted of dignitaries like MNA Najeeb Haroon and Jinnah Women’s University Chancellor, Mr. Wajihuddin Ahmad who was so moved that he announced scholarships for the winning girls.

Janab Naeem Bhaisaheb, the chief patron of BHS, was present throughout the two and a half hour event. Also present were Amil Saheb of Karachi, Janaab Juzer Bhaisaheb, Amil Saheb of Al Mohalatul Burhaniyah, Janab Shabbir Bhaisaheb and Amil Saheb of Fakhri Mohalla Sh. Murtaza bhai as well as scholars from Al Jamea tus Saifiyah whose presence motivated the young presenters.


The students chose out of the following topics:


 A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

Envy is the ulcer of the soul.

Exploring Mars, discovering Earth.

A community receives light from its history.

The apple does not fall far from a tree.

Nothing is permanent but change

Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.

Life begins on the other side of despair.

In the warrior`s code, there is no surrender.

A genius like me is not born every day.


           ہر قوم پكارے گی ہمارے ہیں حُسين ع م۔

           بجھا سكو تو ديا  بجھا دو  ،  دبا سکو تو صدا  دبا  دو۔

           ابھی عشق کے امتحان اور بھی  ہیں ۔

           دال میں کچھ کالا ہے۔

           وہ صدی تمھاری تھی ، یہ صدا  ہماری ہے۔

           اگر آسانیاں ہوں زندگی دشوار ہو جائے۔

           ہزاروں خواہشیں ایسی کہ ہر خواہش پر دم نکلے۔

           عہد جوانی پڑھ پڑھ کاٹا۔

           اقبال تیرے دیس کا کیا حال سناؤں۔

           مصروف تھا میں کچھ بھی نہ کرنے کے باوجود۔

Results for the Interschool English Declamation 2018

  • First: Sakina Amir-Badri High School
  • Second: Zahra Ghatila- MSB Shabbirabad
  • Third: Zainab Talib-MSB Haidry
  • Consolation prize: Sakina Ghatila-Saifiyah Girls High School

Results for the Interschool Urdu Declamation 2018

  • First: Naqiya Saifuddin-MSB, Haidry
  • Second: Taher Sh. Mohammed-Badri High School
  • Third: Zahra Aunali-Badri High School
  • Consolation prize: Shehrebanu Naeem-MSB Haidry

The Declamation not only succeeded in enthralling the audience with the talent of our youth but also proved that our Imani schools are striving to provide the very best of Deen and Duniya to our young generation to prepare them aptly for these changing times. These young orators won the hearts of the audience and were able ambassadors of their schools.

We hope that this declamation is merely a beginning to many such collaborative events in future through which we can provide opportunities for growth to our children and equip them to perform Khidmat as well as lead prosperous live in this world and the hereafter.



The Thrill of the Track

The Karachi School Games Academy in collaboration with Pakistan Sports Board and Sindh Athletics Association organized an invigorating plethora of sporting events at the NCC Ground on Saturday 27th October 2018.

23 students from Badri High School experienced the thrill of participating on a tartan track as they competed with top 30 schools like The City School, Generations, Karachi Grammar, BVS.

Under 16 Winners:

Event Position Student Class
Shot Put 4th position Arwa Aziz X
100 meter race 3rd Position Fatema Najmuddin X
400 m race 4th Position Sakina Aunali X
800 m race 4th position Amatullah Sh. Mansoor X

Under 12 Winners:

Event Position Student Class
100 m 2nd position


Hussaina Juzar VIII
100m 3rd position


Murtaza Hussain VII

Under 16 Relay race-Boys:

Student Class
Abbas Fakhruddin X
Huzaifa Abbas X
Hamza Hasan X
Mohammad Shabbir X

Under 16 Relay race-Girls:

Student Class
Fatema Mansoor X
Maria Mansoor X
Umema Abbas X
Maria Ismail X
Fatema Saeed X

Long Jump-Under 16 –Boys

Student Class
Tahir Shabbir X

100 m –Under 16-Boys

Student Class
Husain Feroz X

Under 12 Relay race-Girls:

Student Class
Naqiyah Ali VII
Sherebano Huzaifa VII
Hawra Juzar V
Jamila Sh. Fakhruddin V

Under 12 Relay race-Boys:

Studentz Class
Shabbir Aliasghar V
Adnan Hussain VII
Ismail Adnan VII
Burhanuddin Huzaifa VIII

BHS encourages participation in Inter School competitive sporting events as it has proved to enhance skills, fitness and teamwork and exhort physical activity. The athletes of the school stand out from others as they display discipline because competitive sport requires dedicated training and practice. They understand that with hard work, often come results.

Students who ran on the track experienced the thrill of victory as well how to deal with disappointment. Losing well is a skill best learnt early and learnt well. Engraining good sportsmanship early can ensure students carry these good practices across every aspect of their lives and into their adulthood.

Yet above all, participation in sporting events builds camaraderie and teamwork. It’s this shared experience and emotion that builds loyalty and trust within a team and as a school.




Parenting-Understanding our Children

The 27th of October 2018 was scheduled to be the first Parent-Teacher Meeting of the Academic Year 2018-19 at Badri High School. However, when the core team sat to ponder the strategies for this year’s PTM we all saw a prominent pattern emerge from the feedback of the past PTMs.

When parents came to school to discuss their children’s academic progress, they also shared how their children were experiencing behavioral issues. Some children displayed signs of aggression, while some parents said their wards were very influenced by the imperious social media. Some fretted over how their child was becoming an introvert while others complained of anxiety symptoms in their children. Most parents expressed helplessness as to how they could help their child get through these trying phases.

These were the very students who were struggling in academics due to their behavioural issues.

This was when the core team at BHS decided to invite a Dr. Urooj Zehra, Clinical Psychologist, Speech Therapist and Psychotherapist to conduct a session for the parents of BHS to handle the major issues we had identified in the children.

Thus, the 27th of October became a day where the parents and teachers truly came together as partners in the progress of their children. Dr. Urooj, along with her colleague Dr. Mohammed Irfan, addressed over 400 parents assembled at the Al Jamea tus Saifiyah Auditorium early Saturday morning.

The professionals, taking cue from their study of the work of prominent psychologists and sociologists, spoke at length about the various parenting strategies and the most effective ones for the children of today. They talked about the issues children face as they step into their challenging teen years and how parents can be their support at this time. Parenting dos and don’ts were elucidated and a few activities to encourage interaction with the parents made the morning a lively one.

Dr. Urooj also touched upon how parents must behave when a new baby is to be born into the family and how the elder child must be treated to create acceptance for the new arrival.

A questionnaire was also circulated to help the parents reflect on which parenting style they are currently following and how they can make their relationship with their children a better and healthier one.

Parents appreciated the efforts of the school in anticipating the need of such a seminar and agreed on how they must as parents be open to learning in these changing times.


Counseling Students—Because Education Teaches Compassion

A school must give much more that knowledge from books; it must bestow to its pupils beyond the confines of a carefully thought-out curriculum; it should teach much more than things printed in black and white. It must do more than stimulate minds—it should touch hearts and heal souls.

Badri High School envisages that an education must enable a child to become the best version of himself; unearthing his potential; allow him to live a life of dignity in this world and contribute to society.

However, sometimes life puts young children in situations which they or their parents are not equipped to deal with. We see students struggle with learning disabilities, some coming from dysfunctional families and broken homes. All this takes a toll on a child and hampers his intellectual growth and ability to learn.

This is the reason why a student counselor is a part of the faculty of any reputed educational institute.

Since the Academic year 2017-18 a student counselor visited BHS one Saturday a month to help students who were seen struggling in school. Over 40 students were counseled in repeated sessions in the last year, and in most cases positive results were seen as students blossomed as sensitive issues were addressed.

This year, the need for a counselor was felt even more as awareness regarding the benefits of counseling were clearly manifested last year. Parents themselves requested for their wards to be counseled, feeling at a loss as to address many behavioral issues.

Thus in this Academic Year 2018-19, a qualified Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Syeda Urooj Zehra, who is also Psychotherapist and Speech Therapist, has been hired to come to school every Thursday to address the needs of students identified by teachers as having behavioural issues due to deeper, underlying causes.

The vision is to hold the hands of these children, give them a listening ear and give them objective advice to help them cope in the best possible way with the situation they are in.

Along with this, career counseling is an important agenda to help the students carve a road-map for their future. For this professionals have been invited to visit the school and give motivating talks to provide an insight into different fields and their scope to the students. The goal is to provide them enough knowledge about the world beyond the walls of the school so that they make informed decisions about their future careers.

One-on-one sessions with reputed educationists like Sh. Moiz bhai Sabunwala, who recently came to orient the students about their choice of subjects, will help the students chalk a game plan for their future.

BHS believes in leaving no stone unturned in helping and supporting each and every student to realize his potential and these counseling initiatives are surely a step in the desired direction.

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